Balance Changes


Yes it’s weaker


Rejuvenate has been tested and is significantly better now. Will be giving Gladicus a second look.


Just pushed a fix for this. Talon Frenzy should have the correct icon now. Sorry about that everyone! If the problem persists please let us know.


Thanks for the reminder, edited my post.
Still weak so I‘ll still look forward to an answer.


Overall I don’t mind these changes. But I agree with one statement above. Super Thunderstorm is separate from the others. It can’t be forged anymore and there is no way to replace them once they are gone. They shouldn’t have been changed and should be returned to a blue spell.


Have they fixed Leos yet?


Love the changes, thank you!


sage nerfed, leos nerfed. wtf is going on. what is is nerfed up that we havent found yet…


Leos is not nerfed, if nothing it has made better, it was a bug.

Sage on the other hand… He got weaker… :unamused: Sorry but his white Thunderstorm is a pretty toy now, I can’t finish farms on my xp base with his Storm now… He already mostly bypassed mages before, so that reduction in damage feels like a scam…


People were pissed that the spell was going to red across the board, so PG tried to make people happy and make it white, but had to balance it by making it weaker. Should have just let it be red :woman_shrugging:


Hmmm, me thinks you might be partial to red for some reason.


Sad about sage. But glad Leos got fixed


Its called keeping game mechanics intact! High damage spells have been made Red, so its to be continued! I remember blue spells doing only passive boost or defensive with end damage. The reason is mechanics of Red mage umbrella and Blue mage spell block, atleast from what I understand.


I used sage on the 312, level 38. I could almost clear it and now I die at 51% which never happened before, to be quite honest, I’d rather deal with sage having red thunderstorm had I known they were gonna make it white but weaker. As for the attack speed increase I’ve noticed little difference for sage, but so much for that dragon I guess. The other changes however were nothing but beneficial for my dragons, because I’ve outgrown my warriors and moved onto hunters it isn’t much of a big deal for me.


The color and damage output of thunderstorm was addressed and finalized in Novemver.


ran leos earlier, apalled at how bad it was and just got back online after long day herding the kiddos. known bug and confirmed fix? good to know


I just don’t want to read multiple posts about Sage’s thunderstorm being too weak. I don’t know what was so bad about it being red anyways🤷‍♂️.Just clear red mages and ur good


I guess that I’d rather try both red and white spells to see if I prefer one or another.

I’m just disappointed that usually when PG gives the community what we “want” it ends up backfiring on us… Like the lack of rune dust… By example.

I could quote myself about wishes and how they can become curses when granted, but I don’t have enough heart to troll myself… :disappointed:


That’s the community’s own fault. You can’t complain like crazy for it to not go red and then get angry that the alternative they provided (and the community had plenty of time to see this) worked exactly how they said it would


I agree, but the thread was moving so fast that I ended up giving up on reading it… :cold_sweat: