Balance Changes


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Wow - I just tried rejuvenate - it’s rock solid! Those rejuv runes will come in handy now! :joy:


Phew! Thanks for sharing your science again, in the largest meaning of “knowledge” :grin::wink:

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Welp, sage is even more useless now than he was before.


The white spell damage reduction is a little excessive for Sage. He’s an old dragon that provides no real advantage for anyone but lower levels. Nerfing him is just an insult to those who spent their time getting him. He already had near white spell usage and now you dramatically reduce the damage for something he was already able to do. Just dumb. I use him because he’s still a fun warrior and rejuvenate does balance that a little but his strong thunderstorm was what made him special.


@PGPulse could you let us know the damage % of white thunderstorm vs red thunderstorm please?


Leos passive isn’t fixed yet, it’s still the same… any idea when it will be? @PGMichael


Lightning Storm does 4.5% of the dragon’s max hp as damage.

Thunderstorm does 10%, and super thunderstorm (or if you’ve been around a while, the original thunderstorm) does 23%.


So less than half previous damage - I can see why people are complaining! :joy:

Perhaps 6.5% would have been a better number


Yeah when I was supporting it not being a red spell on behalf of the sage owners that I felt bad for, I did not think the damage reduction would be that big. Ouch.


I got sage but he’s mainly on a perch or just comes out occasionally - I have too much xp for him so I don’t fly him much anymore.

But I’ll take him for a spin and see the impact.


I think so too. After seeing the player data, it has definitely been too impactful. This also means that Sage was very dependent on Thunderstorm which makes me think that we need to make Warriors have better mechanical spells or bit higher stats that makes it more like a Warrior.

Sage is now so useless
Sage is now so useless
Sage is now so useless

I am loving the rejuvinate on Hugin. Now it is worth the 2 rage for the health regen. Thanks PG!


Warriors already have higher stats than other types. Its problem is that it cannot concentrate fire on one target like a hunter, and it generally doesn’t have spell sets like a sorc. That makes them the bottom class unfortunately.

Perhaps slight buff to HP, slight buff to resists on Warriors vs other classes could help here. The reason why I’m not suggesting a burst damage option for warriors is because I don’t think all classes should look the same. So burst damage is the hunter’s domain. Warriors should be about being a tank - so HP and resists.


How come chim was nerfed he wasn’t great to begin with but now he just sucks!!


leos and avyx suck more though, equestor is even better now thanks to balance changes


I have seen proposals where warriors gradually increase in strength, either offensively or defensively (even both) either as they take additional damage or as they do more damage.

This would certainly need some finesse, but I think it’s an idea with considering. It’s something that could make warriors true tanks. Not burst damage, but just a big, lumbering, beasts of dragons that can take massive beating and just not go down. Not invincible. And not so much dps they can out damage the spam hammer. But enough that they can brawl their way through a tough base, even if the don’t kill everything in one pass.

Fwiw. I loved warriors up through gold. Now I fly almost all hunters.