Balance Changes


I dont think chaos runes are working, my tengu does the same amount of damage on invader with chaos and for the same amount of time as fae.(checked duration as well, just to be sure)

Dragon Spells Southern Cross and Jul

Sage can be perched now, warriors are now bottom class, in a war if defends get healed then there is no way a warrior can outdmg that.


That is literally why all highly competitive fliers keep saying warriors suck, for years we’ve been saying this. Only warriors that can deal concentrated burst damage do well.


They assume that warriors have higher dmg pro sec… but in fact that is never true…

The flame goes between towers, and beside that the spells and offensive power is not balanced against other tiers… Maybe at the start it was not hard with them… but over time they got worse and PG didnt adapt them anyway…

Actually warriors are very wanted enemys , because flak stop them , and they fall down as flies…


Hmmm! I ran Fae last night and I didn’t see any issues. I’ll test it today again and pay attention to it.


I think you are correct!!! Chaos runes are not working :frowning:

@PGEggToken @PGMichael can this get looked at please?


I don’t quite understand the reasoning for changing thunderstorm colour. by the same reasoning you’d have to change malefic breath to red as well, for example, and a case could be made for havoc /chaos and similar spells as well as they are attack spells as well. so why did you change it? thunderstorm worked nicely on xp or weaker bases, now it’s basically useless for dragons like sekoronos or donivalis, whom I used to use to back up or weaker teammates :frowning:


Passive boost vs direct/active damage!


I test ran Sekoronos last night…whatever little bit of use he had left is gone now. For all intent and purpose they simply removed his thunderstorm and gave no replacement. Yes it is technically still there, but now that it is red there are not situations in which you would actually use it. When the red towers are gone freeze is a better option, and thus it is effectively gone.


Chimerak’s attack speed is actually SLOWER now… was that intentional?


This would be awesome!

Hunters ARE more fun, but having a wider variety of EFFECTIVE dragons would make the game much more enjoyable overall.


Yes, as usual they opened it up for discussion. We gave them our feedback. And they ignored most of it and did what they wanted anyway.


They actually covered the Sage part, which was most important!
And Thunderstorm was broken spell before! There are many useless spells already. Its just +1 to the list.


@PGMichael what is the difference between Rejuvenate and Super Rejuvenate if both are now 30% ? Just the Speed?


How do you figure thunderstorm was broken before?

And the only thing they addressed with Sage was to take one of the best warriors in the game and make it another place holder in the den. They have enough useless dragons in the game already.


There goes my reasoning


Thunderstorm has always been blue, and this is the second time it has been weakened. Maybe you have not been playing long enough to remember the first nerf, but if you thought thunderstorm was overpowered before yesterday, you should have seen it two years ago. It used to do 23% (might be off slightly) of the dragon’s max HP as damage. For a while now, it has been 10%, but it was still blue. Now it is red–so you must kill mage towers first, which probably will not happen before you lose rage or die.

Granted, even top dragons had many fewer HP when thunderstorm was originally given its attack power, so it’s a matter of scaling. I am not saying it was not overpowered, at least on higher level dragons. But changing color significantly weakens the spell, and reducing the damage of white thunderstorm (Lightning Storm) by 55% does make the spell all but useless against a real target.

Warriors need some love. There should be no one class that is the golden hammer, just as there should be no one dragon that is the “ultimate weapon.” There should always be strategy. I don’t say warriors should just make it easy for unskilled fliers to take a well-designed base, but they should live up to the description–they should be able to “brawl through” a difficult base.

Hunter’s and sorcerers are all I fly in real combat now. I level the warriors during events, but I almost never use them–there are some exceptions… well one now, Zamrok. He still has some life left, but only because he can deflect mage shots and generate mad rage.


I could not agree more. And I wish it were not so. Every dragon should have some value with a skilled pilot. Too many are so useless they are not even worth the tokens. But you have to get them because they are a prerequisite to the dragon you want.


Its not because it was overpowered, but it was blue from start and it being blue itself was a mistake considering it was exclusive damage spell.


If it was not overpowered, then the white version should keep the same destructive power. The red version is now pointless at higher levels, as a mage you cannot attack will always be protecting half the towers.