Balance Changes


You may be true about that. But as a player with no sage, i won’t comment on that.


I second this. The flame (or lightning?) basically travelled in slow motion, and took some time before it landed on target.

Are other chimerak owners experiencing this as well? Is this an intended change? Or a possible bug? @Arelyna @PGPulse @PGEggToken


Easy fix as far as I am concerned is take away the “less Damage reduction” and replace with a “higher damage percentage” on the new white Lightening Storm" .
Sage is one of my favorite Dragons overall. He is already at a disadvantage as he cannot obtain Obsidian level which already puts him behind the likes of Kinnarus and Necryx.
Unfortnuately, Warriors are the worst class of dragon to have as an upper level player. After seeing Gladicus fly, Sage still will outperform Gladicus. Until there is a true OP Divine Warrior, the playing field will never be even for those who love flying warriors versus hunters/sorcerers.
Thanks for listening!! Appreciate the attempt to make Sage Flying experience better!


this is my first post at the forum and i don’t want it to be a negative one but the changes you made to sage made him weaker the whit lightning storm is a lot weaker then the old blue one i cant even clear my easy xp base.
please make my spell of my favorite dragon STRONG AGAIN


Sage was a crutch. Now you’ll need to learn how to actually fly instead of relying on a broken dragon.


Did the attack speed from some of the hunters get decreased? Was this intentional?


That’s so mean, Birds.
How dare tell the…truth?


Yes because the over powered Kinnarus and Necryx aren’t crutches… LMAO


Kinnarus is not overpowered, drops like a stone against defenders.
As for Necryx, I’ve seen it flown badly enough times to know it’s not overpowered, just technical (correct cloak timing, sanding the right things, etc)


Keep believing that


I can believe you are not talking about WD


Thanks, all I needed was your blessing. I most certainly will.


It should be common knowledge, but let me repeat:

  • Kinnarus is not overpowered. It’s a lazy flyer dragon, good for xp bases, Atlas invader, or poorly designed bases.
  • Necryx is indeed one of the best current dragons, but does require strategy and skill when flying on well built and defended bases.


Yes we all have our opinions and you shared yours and I shared mine … Have a great day!!


Personally I enjoy flying Hauheset the best of all dragons, then Necryx, and then Sage in that order. I agree with most of what you said. At the lower levels Kinnarus is very over powered say players level 50-120.
Again this is just my personal opinion


Kinnarus is not OP if i know how to build base by level 40.


The goel is to win a hit I don’t see i complaining about kinnarus warrior company


Can you build Dark flak at level 40?? Also Kinnarus is great for training other drags on max xp bases… Key word max. This gives players the opportunity to level up regular dragons much quicker than say those without Kinnarus. Secondly, Most players make to many mistakes in base building early on and those mistakes dont get worked out until much later. Again just my opinion lol


I agree, and I am confident that my lev 40 base can take down kinnarus of appropriate level with my level 18 ice turret and archer. So if I am prepared(keyword), i can get DF up and directly to level 16 atleast right when i reach level 45. And I did that on my main base.
I agree that most players make mistakes, but its not all players. And hence Kinnarus is not OP.
But I agree that Kinnarus helps in XP bases a lot. :hugs:


I consider it op for this one reason … At Platinum level Kinnarus can take down the level 312 base solo. Name me another Platinum and below regular/Divine dragon that can do that. Most Sapphires can’t do that. So those in the Sapphire Wall range of breeding will benefit mostly from Kinnarus for this one aspect.