Balance Changes


Kelvin ( 10 characters )


My Kelvin is expert and still cant do it 100%


Kelvin can do it.


Spindra says, “cute”.


Then again my sorcerer skills aren’t a well as my hunter LOL


My Kelvin had excellent runes, so that helped. It started soloing that base around level 27.


What runes did you put on Kelvin?
I will have to go back and dig him out to check what ones i had


I did the 80% of 312 base with kelvin lvl 15-16 … You really need to learn flying your dragon if you cant with and expert one lol ! Now lvl 24 and it complete it without any boost…! Have no rune on him lol!


I personally dont care for Sorcerers much as I have severe arthritis. But I get what you are implying. I think I do well flying Hauheset and Necryx to be honest. I usually just get my regular sorcerer dragons to breedable and shelve. Only reason I did take Kelvin to expert is because I was awaiting to breed Sapphires LOL.


Haha ya hate sorcerers too…! They set my finger on fire :joy: and are real weak against base with high lvp mage tower…!


Has leos been fixed yet? @PGMichael


@oOSalOo this was fixed yesterday we had confirmation from other players that this was fixed. Are you still having issues with it? The passive should proct at 55% health.


Are you gonna fix the hunters too?

Both my Borgian and Necryx now shoot as fast as a old grand-ma …!


Skarr (was) a crutch (probably the most OP dragon in the game at the time)
Kinnarus is a crutch.
Necryx is a crutch.
Noctua is a crutch.
Hau … is really hard to fly well, so he’s not a crutch.

You do realize that ANY dragon that is very popular can be considered a “crutch,” right?

Let’s play a new game – we’ll nerf all the dragons, then we can nerf all the towers. And we can do this until we’ve reset the whole environment!

Or, maybe not. :slight_smile:

Point is, it is very easy to depend upon your one or two good dragons to carry the weight for the others. And it is very hard to keep the active roster stocked with good dragons. Very hard.


@PGMichael I was running my chompa with the red thunderstorm and tried this against red mage towers the spell casted and went through the red mage barrier is this supposed to happen or is it supposed to be blocked? If it supposed to happen should be reduced damage?


How is Necryx a crutch?
That point needs to be elaborated further, otherwise its just a biased clame :roll_eyes:



All my “is a crutch” statements should be read with the /sarcasm/ flag enabled.

I was making a point. Any good dragon can be called a crutch.



Chaos runes do not work since the balance changes, could you look into this please?

Thank you


I could call myself a purple unicorn but it wouldn’t make it true.


@PGMichael @dragonpunch any word on super thunderstorm???