Balance Changes


There is another conversation about a ‘stealth’ hunter nerf? (I dunno how to ‘share’ other forum posts properly :frowning: )


It doesn’t make it untrue either.

Hmm… :thinking: Are you a purple unicorn?


We were told this:

All mine are now red. :frowning:


I think maybe Shadows might be a purple unicorn. This is the Internet. We can be whatever we want. :slight_smile:

But more to the point, Shadows refutes her own assertion.

Major Premise: She said Sage is a crutch.
Minor Premise::She said saying something doesn’t make it true.
Conclusion: Sage is not a crutch. More precisely, Sage is not a crutch merely because someone said he is.

Good, I am glad we agree.


That is an interpretation that deviates from the intended purpose.

Sage is a crutch. Saying it isn’t by calling all other dragons crutches means nothing, as there isn’t evidence that those other dragons actually are crutches.

I could say Red makes great breeding paths. You could say I make great breeding paths. You could say whatever you want. It’s still only true that Red makes great breeding paths.


A crutch is anything you can lean on. You could lean on a pile of poo, doesn’t mean it works very well.


Crutch – “anything that serves as a temporary and often inappropriate support, supplement, or substitute; prop.”

If sage fits this definition for players who have yet to outgrow him, then Noctua definitely meets this definition for players at the “end game.”

I’m just consistently applying your definition.

We could look at the cause of these crutches, but I (and many others as well) have already hit on it–the dearth of good dragons.


Calling Sage a crutch may be a tiny bit exaggerated, but let’s all be honest - he requires very little strategy or skill to fly. Realistically though, neither do most warriors - Sage was just even easier than the rest.

I myself am not a particularly great flyer, so I used Sage for a long time. I agree with @ShadowsOfBirds - he made mediocre to bad flyers (like myself) look a lot better than we really are.


Lol NightShade is so much better than skarr


Yes, but I did not complete Nightshade. Also, I wanted to include a warrior on the list. :slight_smile:
But you are right.


What…? That’s so unfair.


Though Marek’s post may be new, it’s a copy paste from the old forums.


Exactly. Red thunderstorm is totally y, completely and tragically redundant on dragons that have freeze. Sekoronos and donovalis are completely useless now.

And by the way, Donovalis is a divine dragon to, according to the breeding castle. So make it’s thunderstorm white to? It required dedicated effort and tokens over three consecutive breeding events to get. That’s a lot more effort than for a regular dragon.


Whatcha talking about? Your xp is capped by your level. :man_shrugging:


So what does that mean for my super thunderstorms?


It doesn’t really mean anything new right now, just pointing out that it isn’t new information or anything that was changed due to the recent balance change.

They might’ve gone red due to still being tied with regular thunderstorm, but that’s something for PG to reply to and if they’d be splitting it off or not.


Chaos runes have never worked :woman_shrugging:t2: Have mine on gargula, firstly assumed it’s just because he’s broken af, but I’ve seen since they don’t work on any dragon sigh
@coach fyi


I think if you want warriors to truly be tanky, you might consider a slightly different approach for them which could potentially give them a much larger impact. They would still lack damage without the appropriate other spells to back them up, but it could potentially give them at least some purpose as a tank…

  • Good warriors typically have double resists. But warriors are still typically shunned due to their lack of damage primarily, but even without the damage if they could truly be tanks, they may still have some use.
  • I think something you could do to boost Warrior tankiness, would be to give them more generalized resistances. For example, we have Leos who has Dark Flak Turret Resist, and Spitfire Turret Resist. Great resists to be sure, but given the massive beating he takes due to his inability to take out towers he’s just not feasible as a core dragon. You basically get maybe 1-2 shots more out of him than a different dragon, but nearly no damage to towers in that time.

What if instead of the very specific resist like Spitfire Turret Resist, you simply gave him elemental resists like “Fire Resist” which would then protect him from ALL FIRE based towers. For example both the Spitfire Turret AND the Fire Flak Cannon. This won’t by its self make warriors too powerful, they will still lack the necessary damage, however, with double resists and potentially the right damage ability it gives the possibility of actually finding a decent spell lineup on a warrior that might actually pay off.

For Example…
Leos = Ice Resist AND Dark Resist, all other abilities the same.
This could make him an extremely tanky dragon to try and get through core islands by being resistant to Ice Turrets, Ice Flak, Dark Turrets (not sure if there are any other Dark towers atm). This doesn’t make warriors perfect, but it gives them back some of the functionality that they had in the early levels where their health pools are what made them valuable.

Fire Resist could potentially be a big one as it would impact the following towers…
Spitfire Turret
Fire Flak
Archer (Supershot only)
Cannon (Supershot only)

Ice would also be fairly useful…
Ice Turret
Ice Flak

Lightning Resist…
Lightning Tower
Storm? (not sure if this is actually considered lightning damage or not).

Physical Resist…
Cannon (standard shot only)
Archer (standard shot only)

It’s basically a way to provide additional resistances to the “Tanky” class without making major changes to the way Wardragons functions. A way to separate the Warriors from the other classes and give them more value without making them over powered as we are not actually adding anything to their damage, only their survivability.

They won’t be able to clear a path of destruction, but perhaps they can survive long enough to take out one or two key structures (like mage towers) on an island before dying. And then once in a blue moon when we find a warrior with good resists AND a good damage ability, it could potentially be a good enough dragon to consider getting.


I’d have to wonder if this is after the spell revamp, as someone had a screenshot of support now saying that stuff from the Steal/Extract Essence spells no longer counts… :see_no_evil:

My dragons with these spells are all naked, though, so I haven’t tested.


Nope, I think because I had them on a hunter rather than a sorc I noticed more? But for sure this is from before the balance changes…and dang, what’s the point of steal spells then :woman_shrugging:t2: Meh, worse and worse every day sigh