Balance Changes


You are very wrong. They worked. Have them on Fae and Tengu. They used to work.


Meh, mine have never worked :woman_shrugging:t2: But maybe coz it’s a steal spell, or whatever the next reply I get from support will be :woman_shrugging:t2:


Battlecry runes dont work either, im wondering what else doesnt work…


Gargula’s comes from Extract Essence, though; that’s the distinguishing point, if support is right… which is a little bit of a toss up sometimes.

Seers: The spell revamp is from the the old forums, ages ago when we got rune comp for some dragons, not the recent balance change.


I think PG knows that their warriors need better resists, last 2 warriors i think have the Dark Flak resist. The problem with the resists that im aware of is that most, if not all, towers special attacks are not restricted by their debuff from a dragons resist. So full damage is dealt when a tower fires its supershot. Warriors are definitely meant to tank through a defense, in most circumstances mages will be last to worry about right after resisted towers and non resisted high dps towers taking priority. If Main dps towers are taken out with defenders then imo the warrior did its job. Best for bases where every 2/5 spots are mage towers with 1-2 resisted towers in the mix.


Bingo. They are avoiding dealing with resists. All resists should block their supershots too. (Should)

But that would unbalance lots of things

I could see like a passive skill called warrior resist or something that was essentially a broad spectrum resist, which really only allowed them to not jack up its health so high that balance issues exist with equipped spells.

The problem is there needs to be a strategy to the dragon. Back in the terrand days it was that you needed a shield to live, so everyone tried to stop that defensively by taking away rage. Offensively you had to balance use of roar with shield as well as kill all towers a certain percentage so that when the shield broke it maximized useage of that damage. It requires strategy and timing to use really well. But it’s an old dragon and it’s one strategic point was nerfed to a point of being pointless.


Everyone seems to be forgetting how great Zam is, yeah he is the most pain in the ass to learn in my experience but he is such a good warrior. In fact he is good because he isnt much like a warrior at all, to me he is a hybrid of sorcerer and warrior…but for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, drawback on Zam being he needs to target blue mages to be fully utilized. Is one i accept though and still use zam, in fact he is bad ass and ive got ice gear on him like i got earth gear on hau :slight_smile:


This is a crutch, that is a crutch. It’s all a line of crap. No dragon is a crutch if it’s a dragon we enjoy flying and it’s useful. Just because some have outgrown it or are better at flying other types of dragons doesn’t mean that the dragons you don’t need or like are useless or a crutch.

The real issue is that every time high level players start complaining that lower level players can obtain dragons that can take down their bases those dragons get nurfed. It started with Darja and hasn’t stopped since then.


About as ridiculous as how often i see people telling others that a dragon is only good when it gets to a certain level…a dragon is good or it isnt, only lvl that truly matters is the lvl required to unlock all spells and resists.


I agree. They should make it so the dragons cant take town big bases then there won’t be a problem at all.

I think a range of around 20 levels above you should do.

Pg make it so.



I’m not sure what level you are Poltergeist, but there are certain stages when certain thing change making dragons or towers more or less beneficial.

For example, Dark Flak towers don’t really start to grow into their true power until roughly somewhere around level 25.

You also have certain towers that are not available at certain levels, or you get to a point where certain towers just do so much more damage than they used to, or you even get to a point where the players that make it up to that level are simply more intelligent and no longer make all of the stupid mistakes that most people make at the lower levels.

So there are absolutely level ranges in which certain things have a stronger impact than others. Does that mean something becomes totally useless outside of that range, no in most cases that would not be accurate. But you can certainly feel a difference in effectiveness for certain things in the game at certain level ranges.


Not sure if we agree or not but basically to sum it up, its relative.


So my equestor seems to be generating rage at a much lower rate than before and support sent me to this thread as an answer to why. However there is nothing about it here. :cry:


The passive Pic hasn’t changed back to the Lions head tho


@Corendor – the rage bonus from the lightning familiar was reduced significantly. :frowning:

It’s now the same as Apophet’s Shadow and Dodo.


@PGPulse The values for Lightning Familiar seem to be the same as Apophet’s Shadow instead of what was posted:

About healing of dodo guardian and lightning familiar

That’s a shame and not what we were told it was going to be. Hope it is a bug. Maybe pg can tell us if it was intentional or not.


Found that there was a hiccup. Will fix this! Thanks for reporting.



Is there anything up with Chimerak? He seems to be doing less damage… But maybe it’s just psychological. :man_shrugging:



Thanks @PGPulse