Balance Changes


Yes, the projectile speed for warriors were all set to 95 but we realized that Chimerak’s attacks should be doing 300 as before. It will be back to 300 after the fix! :slight_smile: Sorry for the trouble and thank you for letting us know.

Chimerak has lost so much speed and power
Chimerak attack speed slowed?!?!
Warriors changes
Chimerak has become slow

Thank you!

Glad it wasn’t in my head.


Why does chimerak attack is 300? Isnt all dragon of each classe shooting at the same rate?

In this case, it should be written in the description since it could make a difference in choosing a dragon or not!

Just trying to understand lol!


The Designer who created Chimerak wanted the attacks to feel like lightning attacks - it is an exceptional case which wasn’t highlighted. We will add note to the Dragons when they are featured if there are any cases like this in the future!


Is hunter fireball projectile speed slowdown intended? And necryx sand seems to travel slower than it was before!
Are they glitches or intended?


Kelvin if flown right can do the 312. Rizar at any level above 20 can clean the 299.


Thats not right, you(PG) should not make an exception like that and especially not without properly informing the community of this. Hell i would expect to see even something like a vote or feedback from within this forum…With that being said let Chim have that AND attack buff not cancelling at every blue mage encountered…which is BS to me but honestly, if i had to choose again id do it all the same so this isnt so much angry that i missed out on (chimerak firing like an LT instead of cannon)but more so the thought of what else dont i know and what else will PG either create or update and not send a news mail about -_-


If the way that it looks matters so much, watch the preview streams? And to make up for the increased rate, the damage was lowered, so that the output is still the same, which is why it was weaker after the accidental baselining…


Who said anything about looks? I guess my problem is just assuming they dont change such critical mechanics without making some kind of announcement. I also did not know the information you just gave so thanks, is there a thread im not seeing?


Thanks. I know a lot of people that will be happy to hear that. I have a baby Krysos that went from the bench to hanging with my chimerak yesterday and that was painful since chimerak is my favorite dragon to fly by far. I feel a lot better knowing it was unintentional and is being fixed :+1:t2:


Think about it man… His attack speed was 300. Working backwards from the numbers crisis gave here and the percentage increased given earlier, Warriors previously has an attack speed of about 70. They got bumped to 95. Chimerak got dropped to 95. His attack speed was more than 4 times the other Warriors’ before this change. If this had not been accounted for, don’t you think the players would have been “OMG!! GET CHIMERAK NOW!!” more than 4 times… He would have been THE dragon to get. Lol.

I know I would have been telling my team that Chimerak is the dragon to get. “His numbers may look the same, but he’s a beast” is almost exactly what I would have said.

So, the attack speed was factored into his creation as a visual decision, and a pretty cool one, imo. Lowering his attack speed ruins the visual, and he’s now at 30% his designed attack strength.

He not getting special treatment. He is just different.

I have not noticed a difference in the hunters. Neither have several people whom I trust more than myself on this matter, one of whom is the best hunter flyer I have ever seen. He’s probably one of the best hunters I’m the game. I watched him take an undefended 520 on his mini, which, at the time, was 208–he did it with only two dragons.

If something is up with hunters, I think it is unintended. Videos are not the best source of proof either. So many factors affect the speed we see. Even on the same device, the game is not always running at the same pace (I speak of the graphics, not clock manipulation). Now people are comparing their attack speeds to videos previously posted on YouTube? Not very scientific (or accurate).

If they were unintentionally slowed down, I am sure PG will address it as soon as they identify the cause. The best thing we can do is tell them the time of the affected attack, the dragon and the base attacked. With that info from enough people, they will be able to identify if there is an issue and what the root cause is. (I don’t work for PG, but I have worked in development before… If PG is like every other company out there, they track all the parameters necessary to recreate problems… It’s a pet peeve, so I’ll sidetrack for a moment - - AP mode is a pattern of behavior, not occasional, isolated events. It should be fairly easy to identify the pattern and warn those players they are being watched. Sometimes, just knowing you’re being watched is enough to prompt you to make different decisions. End soapbox.)

@PGCrisis - - if I said anything incorrect in my interpretation, please correct me. Or @forScience… You seem to have a pretty good understanding of game mechanics too. :wink:


@PGPulse, thank you for revisiting the nerf on Sage’s thunderstorm strength! It was definitely too impactful. Please keep us posted!


Some are saying that the Hunters were nerfed, … were they? Or are they just annoyed that the others were enhanced



Projectile speed seemed to have changed but it’s not really battle impactful. After watching side by side comparisons it’s really very subtle.

They said no hunter change was made intentionally so. Waiting to see what they find still.


Thanks for that Eidolon, yeah I didn’t think it would be intentional


It’s not the time between attacks - it’s the time from tap to fire that is slower. In burst attacks you won’t see a difference, but there without a doubt is one. Just can’t be shown in a video.


I think that’s what I said?

I can see it in the videos, but it’s far less obvious than it feels. (IMO)

It also seems irrelevant. I can still take level 500 bases with noctua, if I die it’s either because it was defended or I screwed up.


That and I was elaborating.


Does anyone use Donivalis now? He’s useless imho, as divine legendary gold dragon with all spells in red :tired_face:

  1. Collectors should have gone for him only as he’s a dead end for breeding
  2. Useless like…Darja for example? A dragon once considered to be the best in the game (before Gold tier came out).