Balanced dragons

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As active players of war dragons can you please let us know how should dragons be balanced as difference between a useless, balanced and op dragons is determined by the below list on top of a dragon setup.

Gear (exotic/mythic/elite)
Research (dragon boost/base boost)
Seasonal boost (not optional anymore)
Dragon Rider

Does pg take this into consideration when checking for nerfs or boosts and how do they help to reduce the gap.

Are flight times considered in this equation as atlas is about speed.


There’s a difference between having the accoutrements to buff dragon powers and abilities yourself (everything listed in your post) and actually having a dragon in your roster that is, by its own nature, overpowered.

A player can manipulate the statistics of a dragon to any extent desirable, but it falls on the spells and their functions to determine whether the dragon is overpowered, underpowered, or balanced.

It’s far easier (and much more practical) to spot a flaw in how a spell set works together than it is to spot it in the ratio between defense power and attack power.

For instance, if a healing spell (not always required) or a breath amplification is too underwhelming and the dragon flops easily, that signifies that it may need to be buffed; the opposite means a nerf is needed, of course.

Speed has no bearing on power; a slow dragon can be strong or weak (an example of a slow, strong dragon is Naja), just as a fast dragon can.

Completely agree with you mate on dragon setup, thats the main reason why we see only few dragons selected.
considering the fact that Atlas is a major part of the game and that is all about speed it has a major factor here as if we have a dragon that can fly a base in 80 sec compete against a dragon that takes 120 sec. Result will always be a loss.

Naja was an insanely op dragon at the time but if you tried to compete naja with xul or barb in atlas none of your runs would count. You would win every run but its impact in Atlas would be negligible. Krelos is much easier to kill but it will always be op because of flight speed in taking out guards.

In terms of my question barb without ammo glyphs and additional shot in research and rider is a lot different in flight than one with. In terms of gameplay thats the difference between taking a long island in 1 burst of hit or taking it in 2 hits and skill required to fly changes.
Flight Principal will still be the same trap and ammo spam but number of hits changes and this gives defenders more chances to win.

If we use an unkitted barb as base standard then it needs a boost if we take a properly setup barb it needs a nerf and herein lies my question which varibles are used to determine their decision.

Seems like you didnt fly against ice flaks :see_no_evil:


And Pylon :eyes:

Pylon was after naja was op or certainly towards the end of its reign. In todays meta double orrey with pylons does not keep him op

Just ice flaks

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Ah true :see_no_evil: (only remember some troublesome complain, forgot the actual tower as the effect is similar).

Back in the days, Naja can still be stopped with smart SS deployment, EF, and IF combo (one big reason why Morak is slightly superior to her).

To get back on topic,

I won’t use mathematical approach on this. Afterall, we can’t quantify humans, yet.


But the dragon itselfs is affected by research levels. I have a Problem if a high level Player say Dragon xyz is OP, when he even have all maxed out, when Players close to the endgame haven’t already and the dragon, who is declared as OP is the only Option to go through bullying.
It exist a lot of Players, who punishing down and it’s a war game so no problem at all, but if the lower levels can’t stand because the only dragons who can help to fight against by being faster than the attacker, be declared as OP and end up nerfed, isn’t balanced for me.

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If the exotics (runes and gears) are making mythics either too powerful or too underpowered, then such items need to be only equippable on legendary dragons.

Return to the old season structure, and put out exotics, to allow legendaries that people actually invest in, viable alternatives to going for a mythic, but those exotics should only be for legendaries.

We could actually have a more competitive game, with more dragons visible than the 2 out of 3 mythics that roughly work in main game and atlas combined.

Do this for all dragons moving forwards, so we dont screw up any more dragons that people have worked towards, but let’s make legendaries actually have a purpose, other than just for mini events like assault, Crystal caves, and dungeons.


I seriously am very not happy with this game of PG at all now. You took our best dragons and turned the. Into complete crap Why would you do this? The cool down on Krygant attack spell is now so long that it’s basically become useless. pG. you suck big time. And I’m willing to bet the new dragons coming are going to be completely crap also


shouldnt even exist


But they already do. They won’t remove them, so may as well make them work somehow in the game

pg is having a harder time to design and balance dragons since exotic gears

making the best gears unequippable on best dragons didnt sound like possible so i added another one of it to remove them entirely

just another way pg will never let happen im sure

It was Fire Turret ss. I remember we all thought there was a glitch until it was explained how Naja’s shield actually worked