Balancing Thought

After losing another war to a team we completely outclassed, but who had a single high level player just beyond our able to 5 flame, I had this idea…
What if a five defense point lead could equal a five flame attack(while maintaining a 250 maximum points of course) This would allow good teamwork to overcome one or maybe two monsters on an opposing team( or possibly a no show on their own) while continuing to hand wins to a basically weak team. It would also offset the use of ringers.
Just crazy ideas, so thought I would share.

That doesnt really balance, it just turns the tides. Teams could essentially just attack all the easy targets and not even bother with the monster. Therfore the team that has the monster base wouldnt get multiple defends on their strongest base. In higher leagues half the strategy is defend the big levels at all costs.


The highest level dragon on my team was an emerald necryx and we warred a plat 1 team with a lvl 300+ with lvl 57-59 kill island and lvl 53 towers. As well as lvl 60 farms. We defended extremely tough and got 20 spare defense points when it was about to end. We were about to give up because the 2 highest level dragons on our team couldn’t take it defended…but since we had spare defense points, we ran about 4 decoys and necryx setup the base undefended! I followed with enki and destroyed the kill island, 5 other towers and 2 60 farms. I think there isn’t really an imbalance with wars…you just got to find another way to do it. Btw my team has a lot of lower levels for Plat 2 however we managed win 13+ wars in a Plat 1 league. We are on the edge of sapphire 3

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Explain this more please

If both teams only hit weak, easier to defeat bases defense points would equal out, therefore giving no advantage to either team. If the teams are evenly matched and run without many mistakes, but one has a monster and the other doesn’t, monster team would still win as others would not be able to gain the necessary 5 defenses to overcome flames loss. Only time it would make a difference would be when a team with a high level throws away defense points with attacks on bases that are too strong for them because it doesn’t matter, the other team can’t win as long as they 250. We just fought a war where we had close to 110 defense points on them but because they had a player with 750mil defense, we lost. Essentially they used us for target practice with no risk to themselves. Additionally in higher leagues you not only defend your best base, you attack in waves when your opponent has less players on to reduce defense against you. It is not easy to gain a five point defense lead when both teams are closely matched and use tactics.

To be honest we usually just call a no fly and declare a counter war when the opposing team has a player with a base we consider not worth the effort. So it is not like it really hurts us, I just find it incredibly annoying to throw wars to teams that can’t fly their dragons or setup their bases(150s with ballista that lead with Vulcan🙄), but have a single player whose defense over shadows our best efforts. (Our 200s can take down about a 400 million defense depending on bases layout)It would just be nice if teams had learn to play to be in higher leagues, not just have a big friend. (Yes I know one fatty on a team only gets you so far, but still…)

Or destroy their big and shame them for counting on one player :eyes:.


We’re in your shoes we got pushed up to plat 2 and the same thing happened to us relatively easy or equal teams except for a monster we couldn’t have a prayer of hitting while defended and in turn that monster negates our best bases cause they roll thru with their obsidians… we always declare on teams our size or bigger we appreciate a challenge but I sincerely wonder if the teams with these huge bases war each other? Or do they just stick to the relatively small teams…


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