Balancing xp and timers

Hi all.
This is a question I have after all the tower and dragon level changes.
Despite these being increased significantly, we still have the same size timers and xp potions, being awarded in the same quantity.
Now I have 30-40m xp per level on harbingers, xp potions are essentially useless.
I won’t say timers are useless, but if I were relying on forging them only I’d do one tower every quarter…
Is this something to bring up with devs? Anyone else feeling similarly?
Are these issues to address?

Scaling has been brought up multiple times and it seems to always be met with resounding silence.

To be fair, they have scaled xp and transfer limits, so maybe there’s hope?

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Xp potions do go up as you level.
It stops after a specific level (which I don’t really agree with)
But I’m not sure anything over 300k Xp per potion is really needed until your comfortable in Obsidian/Harb.

Then maybe should have 500k or 750k but that’s a lot of Xp per potion.

I wouldn’t say they were useless. 3 - 300k potions almost 1 million Xp…It’s not hard to get 15-30 of these plus a lot of lower ones during specific events.
I usually use them once dragon is close to leveling just to finish it off.

Lots of drops don’t scale and it’s insane. Xp Pots, timers, lumber and food packs, etc. it’s teally ridiculous

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It is clear PG’s solution is open more chests to get more timers and XP potions.

And everyone keeps opening them! Addicted to chests!

That is one of PGs two secondary goals because it leads to selling more chests.

Ask yourself why we have this new Kingdom Wars. It is not exactly a well thought out PvP event. It is merely the old event was not suited for mega coins and that is one of the bigger revenue draws for PG . Quality of the content is very much secondary.

The amount of silence on the topic of scaling should tell us something. It won’t happen soon if ever, maybe when the game is finally on life support, and the whales don’t have maxed towers and dragons upon release. Then maybe just maybe they’ll respond to a thread and tell us they’re looking into it or its on the roadmap. We all know what that means.

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It would not happen regardless. Those that get a lot of timers and XP pots get them from chests. Getting many means opening a lot of chests or spending a lot of rubies.

How does someone get a lot of rubies? Buying packs. That is the situation PG desires. If PG had any other goal they might actually make some quality content.

Doing well in events is also another way to get rubies. You don’t have to spend in this game.

just dont open golds during events that drop Exp potions… problem solved!

LOL, That solution seems far from solving what OP has brought up. Merely moves it.

Well I don’t claim it is a perfect fix :joy:

But here are your options:

  1. find a work around (what I suggested)
  2. suck it up and get those crap exp potions
  3. hope PG fixes it. Lol

Harbinger mythics require close to 60M xp per level near expert and Keth at 35 is already requiring 40M xp. that’s 134 300k xp potions.

Is that all? :joy:

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