Ballista attack power

My ballista are LV-14,but power only 961

,but I look neather. Weapons and there are ok (like trebuchet attack speed 7,34K,)

Ballistas are very very bad.


A motto to live by

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It would be advisable to stop upgrading them and remove them from your base. Once you hit a certain point in the game, balista become laughable. Usually this is around the point where players get amarok.

I do wonder though how much the recent changes have buffed them by?

Good question, there’s a ton of research dedicated to them too. I’d guess they still suck.

Where’s that base that had the mytical lvl 60 ballista? We should figure out what the stats on that crazy thing are now after the rebalance lol. (Still probably not worth it :joy::joy::joy:)

They buffed the poison damage so can’t see it in the stats. Will need people to do some experiments…

I think @Coach would be happy to add some ballistas to his base to help :rofl:

Probably someone other than me :laughing: I’m not a good enough flier to face lvl 60 towers. My dragons would go down in flames (and not in a good way)

Yeah I agree, that certain point is when you reach Level 1 :rofl:

I built ONE ballista on my alt account, and I only built that so that I could complete the quest thingy for building one lol. Then I moved that lvl 1 tower into storage so it would never see the light of day again :laughing:

I will not speak of how many ballista I have stored on my main account (this one). Sadly I did not know what I was doing back then and my base is having to recover from that ignorant stupidity.


It’s not stupidity, you didn’t know they were bad. You helped pave the way for future war dragoners. Keep calm and carry a big flak.

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