Ballista for rage

It’s boring to face same set of towers over and over. Let’s improve other towers.

  1. Mage tower will NOT such rage anymore. It’s super shots will create a cool down for dragons, i.e. dragon can’t fire spells for 1-2 seconds.
  2. Ballista Super shots will drain rage now.

Nope. Sorry.


Why? Ballista is useless since the beginning (unless you are green tier or lower :man_shrugging:

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Das boot… :boot:

the creator of this post should get flagged for trolling…


You guys are just afraid of changes.
What’s wrong with making ballista useful again? This change will have the following benefits:

  1. Make long base good again because you have to incorporate more towers
  2. Revamp rage drain island, you have to apply more strategy in base design. This will make game more interesting
  3. Reshape attack plan because bases are more complex now
  4. Make ballista great again. People invested in ballista from early on, no reason to abondon it after green tier

Could we make it so the ballista hits, it breaks the dragon down into its elementary particles over the time span of 15 seconds. So the dragons death is definite.

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May I ask what level you are are? And if it’s so boring try facing higher towers that would sort your bordem out… happy flying


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Not afraid of change at all. I’ve been around long enough to see tons of change and weathered the storm throughout.

I’m not in favor of change for the sake of change. Look at the from this viewpoint… You just finished upgrading your mage towers to level 55 (not even max). Then, bam, the whole purpose of having them and where you have them placed goes to crap… Think about all those timers… Think about all those timers to get another tower up to equivalent level. Nah… No thanks.

I applaud the thought of a new tower “skill” but changing an existing is all bad.


This won’t make long bases good. I think you don’t understand why short bases are better, based on this comment.

Umm, your “proposal” would just change them to ballistas…

…haha okay.

People should have abandoned ballistas from day 1.


If you have to use more towers to achieve base defense, you’ll have to abandon short base design.

The current advantages offered by short base did not appear until PG introduced flak towers. It has nothing to do with long base being bad. People pick short base design because that’s the best solution for the limited resources they have.

Now if ballista is required for rage drain, players will have to find an alternative to flak, twin mage, storm, ice design. A long rage drain island with just ballistas will not work.

I’m not proposing change just for the sake of change. Base design is too simple and too effective right now. It forces players to get over powered dragons to get 5 flames. It’s time to change the balance to favor strategy over raw power.

Now I know you are not a long term player :joy::rofl:


This isn’t true. At all. Short bases have been the best choice for 3 years, well before elemental turrets and flak cannons.

Clearly you don’t understand that a rage drain island is a small island of level 1 mages before the actual base.

Oh I’m sorry, clearly the following effective towers have no bearing on base design, what was I thinking.

  • archer
  • cannon
  • Fire turrets
  • Ice turret
  • Dark flak cannons
  • Fire flak cannon
  • Lightning tower
  • Future ice flak.

Don’t pretend to know the history of war dragons when you clearly don’t. You’re welcome to your opinions, but don’t state “this never was a thing” when you have literally no idea about base design.


Some of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard. Sorry not sorry. :roll_eyes:


Let me ask you this first. How long have you been playing? New proposal is good. We all welcome new Ideas here. But to understand the concept of base layout, we need to know how long have you been playing, what your level is, etc…
When I read to your statement saying long base is better, I chuckled. :joy:. I had cut my down 4 times, from a full 8 island base, to 7, then 6. Then now just 5 and I still am not satisfied with my base :man_shrugging:
So please enlighten us at which part long base is better??

If short base is so great why not just 3 islands instead of 5 island?

If short island is so great, why do whales have long base full of max towers?

Short base is effective for players with limited resources. Long base is better than short base if you have the enough towers.

Rage drain works because dragons can’t dodge mage shots. A rage island with the new ballista can be easily dodged. This will force players to modify design for rage island.

Second archer is not essential like cannons or flak towers.

Sure you can make short base without flaks but it won’t be effective. Nightshade destroy the base easily.

Make it so that hunter shots are not regenerated while you are poisoned and the tower becomes viable again. Rest of this just seems silly.


Because I can’t cut smaller anymore without screwing my base so much :man_shrugging:
And with long base, you level up much faster than having a short base

Leveling up faster is not a good thing. You will outgrow your dragons and wont be able to level your dragons fast enough. Trust me i was there. A long base full of low level towers is terrible. A short base full of high level towers is stronger. At one point i was just like you and thought a long base was better. Wrong. So very wrong. You see the big players with long bases full of max towers because THEY HAVE MAXED TOWERS. 8 islands full of level 60 towers is stronger than 5 islands full of level 60 towers. Thats common sense.