Ballista towers need a change


As we know Ballistas tower is useless, but the idea of that tower is great, poison the dragon and kill it slowly, great additional damage but now it’s gone little bit wrong and become the most useless building of the game , I would love to know if PG team have any plans for Ballistas tower in the future?

I also have an Idea, we can remove that tower and replace by Green Mage, that mage not block spell like blue and red mage but it add poison on attack for 2 towers near by, Green Mage supershot will temporarily like 3 or 4 second disable 1 of dragon spell ( including Resist spell too ), how do you think?


Great idea


No. Leave the useless tower alone please. We have enough towers on and island already.
Those who can afford this idea is the big whales


They’ve already made one attempt at this in the past. They even created a few new runes for them to try and make them more effective. With all the new towers planned (various new flaks) I doubt they’ll circle back to this for a while.


I would like to see glyphs like enervating and weakening on prizes which might make ballista little more useful then now. After finishing off with maxing out my main long island and perch island with farms (well don’t know how long it will take lol) I’m planning on making a long island with a ballista, with enervating rune that I got.

12% reduction on damage on any dragons looks good on paper,but it sure will be more help if I can stack up to epic for probably 20%?
Well I pay for only elite so maybe you can see this in action maybe after…ten years? :thinking:


No God no. No one wants crap ballista runes or glyphs in reward in both personal or team. Or even in season. Maybe give it to the global reward :smirk::smirk:


Fire flak super shot is better it’s reduce 50% in just 1 shot.


I thought if they are going to give out crap any ways, I’d request scrap that I will be more interested in hehe…(talking about bunch of healing strikers)
Of course it will be lot better to have rage glyphs every event:(


Yes, fireflak is better, but it’s expensive, and also requires supershots.
Ballista’s attack reduction is automatic. Also have a duration of 5sec. Of course, I will be close to wasting one tower, so I’m not really recommending using them. I will just test it at my own risk.


Ballistas arent useless at all, just misunderstood. Ballistas are used for their special ability to poison a dragon for up to 15seconds , thats when evervating + weakening runes and research take effect to play another part in strategy. Then there is even the fact that their hits stack damage on top of each other…this makes me wonder if the rune and research % is able to be stacked as well.


Ballistas are entirely useless past level 30. Too slow projectile speed, too little damage and too easily negated. As Salamanca famously said in the old forums, never build a ballista. Put that in the loading screen tips…


As I suggested in other thread for loading screen :sweat_smile:


Lol i could use a lvl 1 ballista for their true purpose. 1.) Projectile too slow? -there is a strategy with them where id equip runes that slow them down further. 2.) Too little damage? -another example of a player that does not understand their hidden function, i wouldnt use them for their own DPS but rather for the increase to all DPS dealt to dragon while poisoned or for reducing a dragons attack buff if thats my strategy. 3.) Too easily negated? -you would have to elaborate on that for me as i see the same difficulty in countering say a cannon, treb, archer, blue mage, even perhaps a red mage or fire turret.


So you did so you did and I had liked it too!


The poison effect on dragons is pretty useless against high tier dragons :joy: I usually leave ballista as rage slave when I fly thru


So ur saying the % on weakening runes doesnt work? Because im getting tired of repeating myself when i say i dont use them for their own dps…


Heaven forbid there be any type of shield besides stoneskin or cloak or invert or windwall to completely negate the effect of the runes, that would be… commonplace.


How long does fire flak supershot reduce a dragons attack for? Bc its no where near 15seconds…weakening has the same effect as fire turrets special ability if description is accurate. So there is just no way you can convince me that Ballistas are useless, just limited minds flocking to a state of agreement.


Weakening doesn’t last long as fire turret and the effect is minimal 5% extra at expert epic rune while fire turret stream burns more


I know, poison lasts longer…the point is they have a purpose, thats all im tryin to say.