Ban Appeal: UofMSev

Hi @PGJared,

I’m creating this post after unsuccessfully following the support ticket process to resolve my account “UofMSev” (level 282) being banned sometime early in the morning of June 6th. At the time of my banning I was an officer on D1 team, Mem0ries. All of my correspondence with the support team and once with Cameron, the PX Lead have been through ticket #1204181.

Through some additional research online and on the forums the only conclusion I can come to is that I was wrongly banned for the amount of rubies I had at the time of my banning (roughly 50k), without buying any packs. Similar to what happened to Sessions, here:

Outside of the yearly elite account subscription I am a completely free player. Being on a top 10 global team gave me a huge benefit in the amount of free rubies my teammates generated through buying packs and event rewards.

Unfortunately I don’t have detailed records and screenshots like Sessions had, but I’m hopeful that you have the ability to research on the back end my account history and event performance to validate the rubies I had earned.

If I was banned for some reason other than rubies, I would kindly ask that the reason be shared with me privately, or even shared publicly on this post. I understand that per your TOS you aren’t obligated to share why someone is banned, but for a straight up player who has been playing for nearly two years to get my account to level 282 it is absolutely crushing to have it taken away without even getting an explanation of what I did wrong to lose it.

I am humbly appealing to your softer side here as a last ditch effort to try and get my account back. Thank you in advance for your time in reading my post and reviewing my account details.



There are multiple flags on your account for cheating, but I can give you at least one:

On [Jun 5, 2018 8:59:04 AM] you spent food (132445 --> 129955, or about 2500) and somehow in that action gained 650 breeding tokens. Food spend actions don’t generate breeding tokens.

No flags on your account had anything to do with rubies.

Also, I don’t really have a softer side, but I do listen to reason. If you can explain how that happened the ban will get lifted. As it stands, I don’t currently have the time to do a deep dive into your account, but I can ask an agent to review it once it’s up in the review list.

I know they have said zero forum posts for these issues but I agree that the length of time to investigate for a diamond level player seems too long while another player I know with a similar issue had attention in a day.

HI Jared,

Thank you for the quick reply. I have no idea how I would have gained breeding tokens through spending food. I’m as far from a coding/hacking type person you could find. I don’t understand how games work, but I enjoy playing them. I would be more than happy to let you examine my device to ensure it’s as stock as they come.

Could I have claimed an event prize, opened gold chests, or claimed mission balloon right before or after spending food to get tokens and they would log at the same time?

You don’t know me, so I don’t expect you to believe me when saying I didn’t cheat. That being said, I would ask that your team do a deep dive into your coding and my account to check on this. Is it possible that the problem is instead on PG’s end, and not on mine. There are certainly loads of server issues that we all deal with. Perhaps that contributed to the flags you are seeing.

Again, thanks for the response. Even if it wasn’t what I wanted to hear, I appreciate it.


I have had odd occurances occur previously and always email the support team immediatly to bring it to their attention. For example one time I had more wood than my storage could hold (i think it was after using a wood pack during a fortification event.) occurances like this do not mean that the player is a cheater since it happened due to a glitch in programming… yet to someone else it may raise a flag. Unfortunately being in diamond league many players would not notice a few extra tokens and have the oppurtunity to report to the support team since we typically have very many. This is a worthwhile conversation to have given that I have had more than a few honest friends be banned for no explicable reason. There have always been hiccups during releases and the idea that Sev here did not contiously do anything wrong should be entertained and investigated


Hi Jared,

A teammate of mine just messaged me with a theory of what could have happened.

My team currently gets 650 breeding tokens each day from our atlas fort bonuses. I could have been claiming my 650 breeding tokens from atlas, and spending food in a short period of time before or after it. Throw in a bit of lag and perhaps they log at the same time.


Thanks for chiming in Killarmy. I had about 110k tokens at the time of my banning. It was right before a breeding event so I certainly wouldn’t have noticed an extra 650 hitting my account.

I think the theory of my daily atlas token award causing this problem is a good one though. That 650 number is too precise to have it not be the cause of it.

While I generally agree that forums Isn’t a general place of discussion for bans, I believe this case is different. Most of us are not surprised when we see many of the bans that occur, in fact are relieved that cheaters are being removed from the game. However on this occasion it scares me. I mid level 200 that has been playing for 2 years with a flag on 650 eggs…:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:… That could happen to any of us…sometimes weird shit happens in this game I can’t explain…and I just shrug it off…

I also agree the amount of time taken to investigate this is unacceptable…saying your busy just doesn’t cut it in my view. Hire more people or be selective over this you prioritise… Please please, for all of our peace of mind make this a Priority @PGJared


I would not notice 650 tokens. It is lost in rounding most of the time. Heck, 650 tokens would not have a noticeable affect on my game.

Now if I did the action 10 or 100 times, ok, might notice and probably am doing it on purpose. But my guess would be Jared is not defending a ban over an action that happened only once.

Banned for 650 tokens? This sounds like blaming incompetent developers for adding untraceable bug on a customer. How are we customer supposed to prove that it’s a bug in the code. It’s not even an open source. We are basically taking the blame for developer’s bugs.

To be clear, this wasn’t the only flag. I specifically said there were multiple flags. This is the flag I have shared, as it’s the easiest one to discuss.

As for ban appeals, we get roughly 90 ban appeal tickets per day. The more complicated ones can take multiple days to investigate. I don’t personally review each one, or players would be waiting months or years to get a reply. This may sound callous, but reviewing a single ban is far lower on my to-do list than things like trying to hire more staff or managing my team or writing reports on current issues to try to get the team to focus on large-scale problems. (Also GDPR)

Jared, thank you for being active in this discussion. I know you are busy managing a huge workload of tickets, which is why I was patiently working through the normal ticket process for the last two weeks to try and get my account restored.

Since that didn’t work I resorted to forums to try and get it restored. I simply couldn’t accept the response that my account was banned for violating TOS when they wouldn’t say what I did to break TOS.

I have listed a couple of possible explanations for the 650 tokens in previous replys, perhaps the other multiple instances of cheating could be shared here. I’m an open book and happy to have this shared on the forums. I know I didn’t cheat. I’m happy to field questions all day.

Thanks again for your time.

Take a number for better service comes to mind.

I don’t get the “a player in X league shouldn’t have to wait more than X time for a resolution” comments.

A player is a player is a player, no matter what league you are in or how much money you spend. If someone managed to get a speedy resolution, maybe there wasn’t a huge backlog of tickets that day. Who knows. Who cares? But to think X gets better demands better service because they are in a certain league or spends a certain amount of money is absurd.

I hope you get reviewed quickly and either reinstated or the ban confirmed, whichever way it works out, good luck.


I just can’t see diamond team player would cheat for 650 tokens! I know that I wouldnt notice 650 tokens. Known this player and this team it makes it even more unbelievable. I really hope that you will get you account back, Sev.
If it happened to you , it can happen to anybody, and this is very disturbing.

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@Jonesy I would agree with you, all players should get the same treatment. That’s coming from a guy who spends no money outside of elite though, of course I would say that! In actuality, the big spenders should get better/faster service. They are the ones paying for it after all! :slight_smile:

Thanks @WildFire2000 for chiming in. I just want to fly again! Even if my best dragon was only Noct, it was still fun!

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Jared did state this is just one of three flags though I agree it seems like a weak flag if it did not appear to be repeated over an over.

Actually, it was one of MULTIPLE, but words, they don’t really mean anything. Just saying.

And OP, if PG goes to a “pay for better service” model, I’m out…

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Maybe it’d be a good move to share all the flags with the player concerned. This way, he would be aware of the issue(s) at hand, he would enjoy an avenue to respond and whatever transpires doesn’t have to go public yet until the case is closed or complete information is obtained.

That’s a great idea. I don’t think anyone that has been banned before has EVER asked which ONE of my hacks did you catch, this time :man_facepalming:
I mean, do you people JUST figure out there is a game forum when one of your friends get busted, or what?


Atlas was down that day (6/5/2018) to get ready to switch rubies over to diamonds. The egg tokens might have had something to do with the update. That seems like it’d be a pretty easy thing to check. The multiple other flags should also be looked into. I know I have multiple issues every time there is an update. I put in tickets, and get the “we’ve had multiple reports of this and our developers are working on it” answer. It’s concerning that there are quite a few players that have been banned recently and then had their accounts reinstated. I’m assuming that they were cleared of cheating. There are certain players and certain teams that we all know are cheating. Why don’t the first time offenders get priority over the serial offenders? F2P or not.