Ban Appeals and You (or: How I learned to stop trying to worry and love the rules)


Hey folks,

If you’re banned it’s okay to submit a ticket and ask us to review. We have a ban appeal process. If you think it was mishandled it’s okay to ask for escalation, or even create a forum post asking me to review (it will take a long time, but I’ll get to it).

Here are a few don’ts:

Do not send me a message asking why you got rolled back when you were banned. If you can’t log in to the game and there’s a message telling you that you were banned, it’s a ban.

Do not send in a ticket and then make a forum post at the same time. It’s not going to speed things up. In fact, I’ll ask the team to push your ticket to the back of the queue for trying to line-skip.

Do not lie to me. Just don’t. If you come clean you’re more likely to get your account massively clawed back and then potentially unbanned if it’s a one-off type thing (we don’t always do that, but if I genuinely believe the person is remorseful and they didn’t massively cheat I consider it). If you lie to me you’re banned for good. If you lie to me and then come clean later, you’re banned for good.

So, yeah. If you’re banned we have ways to review your account and make sure everything is legit. Follow the process and we’ll help you in the ways we can help.

Have fun out there!

May 2018 Ban Wave

Does sending a ticket and sending you the ticket number (pm, not forum post) give the same result?


well yeah, you are skipping lines right after sending one.


My truth: I spend to much, but I’m not smart enough to stop :joy:

~happily not banned


Please everyone? It helps no one. No one to make a post on forums there is nothing and one can do about it. Just make a ticket alright?



Yes. Just make a ticket. Our team will audit your account.


Cheaters be like:


If we had frying pan armor for warrior dragons I’d be so happy.


Go forth and make it so Jared. Maybe have it be exclusive armor for Chunk or Dodo :heart_eyes:


Maybe panmets?


Hell I’d settle for a pan craftable weapon for riders that shows up visually as your flying. Just the thought of seeing oksana flying in on this massive great dragon waving a pan around just makes me giggle.


Answered my own previous question. For anyone else who is looking, the place to submit a ticket is