Ban Appeals and You (or: How I learned to stop trying to worry and love the rules)


Send me a PM on the forum.


Not sure how to do that so I just sent you an email


PG we had a team member die of pancreatic cancer at his wish we agreed to keep his account flying is this allowed ? This is a loaded question. You killed his account! We are in the process of jumping threw the hoops to bring him back #raisemercman8 . It isn’t right we love War Dragons and we love Merc


Sounds like something to bring up privately, and not in an open forum


Generally speaking no, as it’s hard for a dead person to prove they’re the owner of an account.

That account isn’t banned, so I don’t know what metric for “killed” I’m supposed to have done.


Ok, so out of all the posts in this topic, there’s not been one mention of the boss ass title & it’s nod to Dr. Strangelove?! I wish I could say that I were more disappointed in the cheaters than the blatant oversight.

Bravo, Good Sir.
You titled this thread like a BOSS!


I got. Ban on may 5 and open apeal it’s been 37 days no respond from team


What is currency harvest? One of our players was banned for currency harvest. I’ve been playing for awhile and have never even seen that term.


Basically cheating a system to get mass amounts of a certain currency (rubies, food, wood, shards, embers)


It’s harvesting currency. Collecting from buildings is the general reason that shows up in logs.


Hmm, she must be the worst cheater in the history of cheaters then. Spent almost a year ‘cheating’ herself all the way up to a lofty level 84.


Contrary to popular belief… it’s not always often, and it’s not like everyone starts off by cheating, it’s possible someone they had on their account did something, but that’s part of the reason sharing gets you banned


Kinda hard to play this game anymore when you see what evilunder is talking about with one of your team members oh wait two in one day. It’s bad when one has no idea how they got banned, you can criticize all you want but when it happens to you and these crooks take your money you invested into your account you will be PISSED to with all do respect.


How did sharing her account in come into this discussion? You are making a huge assumption.


It’s not that wild of an assumption actually… it used to be common practice, no idea why it struck a nerve with you


And the people who don’t cheat? When someone logs in for consistently for events and breeding token flights, paying for an elite account and making it to a level 68 in 6 months with the knowledge of their veteran players and then is banned… Only to be told WEEKS later that they were "modifying their game or using 3rd party software "??? PG doesn’t care about their loyal customers. Sorry if the cheaters have jaded you, but not everyone you accuse of cheating has cheat. You are falsely accusing your customers and blatantly don’t care. Congratulations, PG. You’re doing a bang up job.


Why do banned players still show in a team? This is annoying when declaring wars. Example a 45 member team has 6 members banned. My team attacks & wins the other 39 after being frustrated by not being able to attack all of them.
Instead of the war finishing after the 39 are beaten we have to wait for the full 24hrs before we are declared as winners.


PGJarred, please reply


Bring it up in PM- PG is always willing to help!
When peeps get upset, they say things that are better left unsaid(or that is slightly rude to EVERYONE IN THE GOSH DANG UNIVERSE) and they make the owners mad or nervous about keeping this game, then wiping it off the App Store- hereby getting rid of it for all of those of us who enjoy it. So please calm the heck down and let them handle it as soon as they can- they always will- and even if they don’t- it’s not the end of the world! You have a real life too- so don’t get mad if something small stops you- get up and keep moving.

Welp- hope that was motivating- time for your regularly scheduled life.


PGJared, I have a question I’m currently going through a ban Appeal. It’s been almost two months since my ban. I know you said it takes a long time. Is there an estimate of how long that is?