Ban wave v2.0? Nice!

Seems PG is dropping some cheaters again. Good job! Keep at it.


did anyone of note get banned?

No, just a couple random 400s

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That I know about anyway

It’s not a ban-wave. It’s more systems and tools by which we can daily audit things and take more proactive action.


Good job nonetheless.

I think these new tools or whatever content just went into the game has disabled the egg token bonus. I’ve checked with players from multiple teams and they’re all reporting their token bonus having been stripped. Just thought I’d tip you off early as there’s looking to be an influx in tickets related to this. Should we ticket for assistance or is the preference that it be fixed and we’ll be notified in forums one fixed?

They definitely haven’t.

An agent isn’t going to be able to turn that on for you, so a ticket wouldn’t be super helpful in this case. Did these folks have the bonus before and it just shut off today? When did they lose the bonus? I’m curious, because these tools have been active for well over a month.

I can confirm that I lost egg token bonus as well and I had it since start, tried to reinstall app but it didnt work, also its showing pack of 26k rubies for 99$ and it was 36k before. Idk what just happend.

When did you lose it? Today? Within the last hour or so? I have a suspicion about the cause of this, but I need more data before I can run to the engineering team.

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I am not sure when cause my app was running while I was out, but it happend after message for “last content is available” . So whenever you guys released new stuff that occured.

Thanks! That seems to confirm my suspicion.

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I lost mine sometime today as well. Sent in a ticket to support. Also got this error message a few times before game loaded.


@PGJared I had to clear app data and cache in order for things to right themselves, which also means downloading all 453 Atlas files again (which I did last Wednesday at start of breeding event for the same reason) and downloading all tower/base files again.

The micro-patches that are pushed via server seem to cause these resets. It also wreaks havoc with the IAP store.

i had the same yesterday. Carlos wrote me then that he manually had to put some changes into my acc. since then its working

So, we’re looking into some concerns about DCONs. Also we found a weird bug that seems unrelated to DCON causing some folks to experience weird stuff in the store.

If it started yesterday it definitely wasn’t due to DCON, so that might be a different thing. We’re looking into it though.

u need ticket # to review? i could check if it helps @PGJared

my store was bugged aswell. had only atlas packs and the Bonus Tokens starter pack back then

Thanks for looking into it. I had it happen just an hour ago. My guess would be the DCON is most players’ issue as we are getting Oksana dropped into the Season menu.

It happened when the game force restarted due to “new conent”. I had seen my egg bonus within the 30 look prior and was working on an egg mission. Following the force restart the bonus was no longer active. Thank you for working on this issue, egg token payouts are already low enough lol :kissing_heart:

As an update, they now appear to reflect the bonus for egg missions.