Bank and HQ Max levels

What are the maximum levels for Bank and HQ?

The max is 12

Thanks for responding! Then is there a way to increase the amount that the bank holds for food, lumber and gold?

Level your banks, and get more castles. That’s pretty much it.

increasing your overall bank level increases the amount of resource your bank keeps.

Initially, every team has a 15M Gold storage as well as 500K Food / Lumber storage even without owning a castle. This is why when you lose all your castle, you will notice that you are still getting taxed. Don’t worry, these can be used once you have a castle which then can be used to upgrade your infrastructure.

Now, for every level of your bank, your gold storage increases by 5M while Food / Lumber increases by 1M.

If you have 10 castle with level 12 banks, then you have 120 level overall which also means that your capacity increases by:

15M + ( 5M x 120 ) = 615M Gold Capacity
500K + ( 1M x 120 ) = 120.5M Food / Lumber Capacity

As for transfers, it initially starts at 1.37M for Gold and 500K for Food / Wood.

For every level in the bank infrastructure, gold transfer max capacity increases by 390K while Food / Wood transfer max capacity increases by 100K.

The increase in capacity stops after reaching overall bank level 12 (6.05M Gold and 1.7M Food / Wood)