Bank Ledger Broken (no names)

Starting yesterday, my bank ledger has no names other than my own for the summary to see who deposited/withdrew.

I do not have the Atlas event page issue (mine works fine) but I do have the castle primarch names not loading/showing issue.

My teammates are having the same issue, anyone else out there seeing this, or is it just my team?

Same here, the names are gone in the summary, and the ledger shows player ID strings instead of names.

No names visible anywhere in atlas- primachs, ledger and assigned roles on castles


Also someone accepts invite 10 times and it will tell you 10x in team chat even though the game won’t let them join.

Not to change topic but just saying on large part all functions not working well right now. I am jealous if this is your only atlas issue right now.


It’s not my only atlas issue, just something I was curious if other teams had this issue.

I did find that I can email the ledger to myself and get the names, so there is a clunky work around to get the info.


Let’s keep atlas issues in this thread please: