Bank resources!

Well that got everyones attention! Thanks for the replies

Its 7.5m gold and u have 5 transfers? Thats more then any players storage can handle lol.


How about instead they just remove the stupid transfer time. There’s no real need for 20 minute shipping times.

The transfer amounts seem fine


You’re in the gilded faction and you don’t know that transfers are 7.5m? Hmmm, suspicious lol

Everyone knows GF is based off of spending. Hell, my RETIRED account got added to it and I havent had it on a team for almost a year. But I spent like 5k on it. Coincidence?

Whether or not it’s based on spending, someone who’s invested that much should still know that :sweat_smile:

Money doesnt buy skill or knowledge. Im sure we’ve all seen those high level, terrible bases from time to time where they clearly were spending without knowing what they were doing

No sorry . Hadnt really paid attention. Ive been just floating along playing the game for awhile now. Without a strategy, etc🤦‍♀️

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