Bank slider bug

Hi @PGEggToken ! There’s a bug with lower leveled banks in Atlas: when transferring gold, the maximum value for the slider seems to be slightly over the maximum transfer value, such that maxing the slider produces an error. It looks like this was mentioned here:

It only happens with banks of specific levels, apparently all of them lower than level 6. You can replicate it with a level 2 bank; slider transfer value is 1755471, which is rejected. Trying to manually type in and send 1755470 gold is accepted. Looks like an off-by-one error. :slight_smile:

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Typical PG rounding error i think that is all over atlas.
You will see 1055 egg tokens in one place and 1056 in another place for your daily earnings.
You will see your primarch with 320 defense, +9 for the next level, and it nets out to 330.
Very very typical for Atlas at least


It’s not just a PG thing, for what it’s worth. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the report, we’ll check it out (72300).


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