Bank taxing broken for selected few

Well we changed our tax to 50% for prim BUILD!!! Im still getting only 10% taxed and have been which i wish most went into bank but it isnt!u look at the ledger so and so paid 50%tax all while myself is only being charged 10% tax i had asked the wife to keep checking till run was done it still stated 50% so as it stated that i was still taxed 10% which i have a video so our lovely pg staff can see and fix as many know people can feel cheated and complain about

  1. Where did you mine?
  2. Where is your home?

Beasts and home at the assigned castle

What is “assigned castle”? 10% sounds like a tax that you will have if your home is in the neutral zone.


OP’s hanging out in the caymans and being like, “idk why my taxes are so low” to the IRS :rofl:


Yes assigned as a set place to put your prims! Alot of teams have set places to place prims n homes when your dont hitting

:flushed: Why would you do that? Surely it would be harder to get the gold to upgrade your prim? On my team we have a rss deposit chat where we keep track of what we put in. We also have a chat to request rss withdrawals (bankers are supposed to check the ledger against the withdrawal request).

We only allow deposited gold to be withdrawn. Taxes don’t count.

Doesn’t the new ledger and ability to go back in time put an end to this need?

Habits die hard I guess lol :joy:

Either way, the resource request chat is still useful. The deposits one… :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Just to expand on this some more, it’s not where your primes are, but where you set home as.

It was intentional as per the link Lutrus sent you. Just be happy it’s no longer allowing 0% taxes as it used to be possible to completely tax dodge.

Set your home to one of your castles.

FYI setting high taxes higher during primarch leveling events is the opposite of what works for most teams. I personally don’t like to feed people’s entitlement of resources, but during this event is when people need higher gold for their primarchs, and so many would prefer to farm their own gold before asking to withdrawal from the bank. Setting a high tax essentially guarantees people will need to ask and extinguishes the need to farm more than usual. Most folks set their taxes to 0% for these events to enable those who want to farm extra to get gold without needing to ask for any. Resulting in a higher amount of gold farmed. But also putting motivation to farm on those who need the gold. Not trying to talk you out of it, your method seems it may be doing the opposite of what you want. You may be better leaving it at 10% if you don’t have a bunch of alts you want to farm and send directly to the bank.


Just set 0% tax all the time guys…easy peasy


What’s the coordinates for your assigned castle? I’m sure the taxman can come visit to get that shortfall on taxes owed. :joy::joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Because its best to get at once instead of multi runs why risk getting jacked so to keep bank nicely loaded we ran the 50% nit like i ment to do 10 cuz all of it was deposited after run

O ill give em if u want em :blush:

I could explain how this is probably still not ideal, but let’s chalk it up to you know your team better.

In any event, this is precisely why setting home to safe zone is only 10%. For example you could keep taxes at 50%+ (or 100% if you just want to) and then have players move their home to the safe zone when they want to keep more of it.

It’s impossible to change what happens at safezones, so If you don’t want this you gotta either trust your guys to not set their home there or audit for taxes less than the rate you set.

or watch the ledger and talk to others that are jipping

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