Bank Transfer Mail Bug

I do like the new system alot more than the old one however when u send mail to yourself to put into a spreedsheet the mail does not include who the resource was sent to

ie if i peter transfer 1million food to dave from bank
the mail i recieve just shows that peter transfered 1 million food
it does not show who it went to.

i tried explaining this to help ticket but they just advised it shows in the castle management fine

the purpose of having a mail log kinda seems useless if half the information is missing

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It shows if you go to summary first. And send mail from there.

But I am fairly sure the amounts listed are not correct. It doesnt match up if you add all sent / received rss.

I believe that’s caused by the received column only being logged since the patch. I expect the values will match after the weekly reset

Yes it may be that. We dont use it much though, but seems usefull for many, so it should work.

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