Bank UI glitchy

Hey @PGDave @PGEggToken.

most of our players are experiencing glitches with the Bank interface. i opened a ticket yesterday - so far no input from Support.
We cant transfer gold to a island and send gold from one Bank to another - super annoying to bounce gold for upkeeps. can u pls take a look?
We cant scroll down to the “Send Ressources to Bank” Tab.
(i tried with my Android S8 and my other officers with different Iphone Devices)

/ Suma

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Everyone on our team is experiencing this too.
Tickets submitted by many.

I’ve had success using two hands. One to scroll and hold the page there and one to tap the button

Edit: You may need to use both hands to take turns scrolling to bring the button within reach


dont work on android…
i saw it worked on different iphones.
funny thing is: IPads arent affected

Expiriencing the same on iOS. Works with two fingers but is not really easy to use…

would be great to have some Staff answering…

Yes they are. I have two teammates on iPads running iOS 11.2.2 with banking issues. I’m on an iPad running 10.3.2 and it works fine for me.

And THIS is why I don’t rush to upgrade to the new OS… I usually wait 6 months or so for the bug fixes and 3rd party apps to become compatible.

We’ve made a quick change that should improve scrolling on affected devices. We still need to test on a wide variety of devices to see if further improvements are needed, but hopefully it will be better now.

Banks glitchy… transfered 1m gold from 15 separate banks to one for an upgrade. Only 5m landed. The rest disappeared… no enemy prims on any of the banks involved. No other transfers at the landing bank…

Is there anything in the ledgers about them, and do they show in outgoing?

Yes, we have ledger records showing all the outgoing…

@BAZ1NE Which bank is the destination bank?


This is most likely related to this. Fortunately, anything seen in the Ledger has to be something that actually happened, so the Gold isn’t lost, it’s just in the wrong location. That said, this is something we’re trying to find the cause to so we can get transfers back to being correct.

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