Banker banker limit

Hey, now I realize how bad it is if the number of bankers is limited.

Increase the number of banker or put an option to make someone a banker instead of limiting the figure to the number of castles. We have tons of reaources and if the people online is lazy or nobody is online,


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Why do you need more bankers?

If you have 22 castles you have

1x leader
5x officers
22x governors
22x bankers

Which gives all 50 members of the team banking access. It seems reasonable enough.

I’m not against changes, but I don’t really see an urgent need.


7 8 people handling it are not enough?
Thanks Eidolon, for reminding me that Governor can act as Banker…


May be because not every team owns 22 castles? :wink:

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I think Gid’s team does and even if not they probably have plenty.


Just imagine that all 50 can take from Bank.
One person being a jerk, and your bank is done for.

Tbh i thought governors couldnt. Hmm. This seems weird.

For someone who experienced being able to take away things from vault, youll see the urgent need. Try removng your banker capability rn . :joy:

Myself and my 5 officers actually have been sufficient coverage. I’ve considered adding bankers, but they simply aren’t needed. (I rarely send resources to myself, I usually farm or use packs)

I won’t say your way is wrong, but I know all size of teams who don’t need to give the entire team their own banking ability.

My personal perspective is that this isn’t sim banker, it’s a war game. I would never tell anyone how to play their game, but I will point out you have gotten by just fine without this so far. (And you may have enough castles to give enough people control already even if that’s shy of 50 people)

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I think we have 12 or 13 bankers total. No issues here with availability except during really rare times

Also, we never ever send to ourselves. It’s a simple check/balance. Pretty basic accounting rule right


I don’t disagree with your way,

But my Point is…

Lets say feeding…

Donated 10m food…

You not banker…

Now you have to ask your bankers/officers to give it to you…

Not everyone has a teammate online 24 hours that has access to bank.

Not everyone has the time to wait for someone to send u the RSS you need from bank.


There are multiple aspects (not including banking) of the game which already require you have officer coverage during player needed times.

How many castles do you have?

10 castles would give you 26 people. Over half your team should be sufficient?

Why would I need to imagine that? That’s exactly what any civilized team does, and it’s no problem at all. The horror of sometimes having to wait 5 minutes!


The new received column of the ledger sheet makes it really easy to play spot the vampire :vampire:


Yep. Vampires are usually being active when everyone else is sleeping. By the time everyone woke up, there is nothing left, and the vampire has flown away…

I guess rule one is: don’t make someone you don’t trust into a banker. (Same rule applies for making people officers…)


I think only teams with 3 castles or less will have a coverage problem because as Eido already pointed out there are 5 officers, leader, governers and bankers. 3 castles means 12 people in total. If you can’t cover the entire 24h clock with 12 then you probably need to reshuffle your appointments.


The only thing i can see that should be managed is gold,

For smaller teams with fewer castles maybe yeah sure the food and wood for the feeding and fort , but outside those events, i dont see the point should those rss should be requested. Im guessing put a radio button that can be on or off so that everyone who needs RSS can take freely, nobody needs food and wood 24/7.

I have no qualms with my current team on the situation, i opened this as a discussion/suggestion.

If your team can manage the 24 thing then good for your team, if im that team that could delay my needs even just within 5 mins thats a problem for me.

Everybody values their time inside and outside the game.

In my opinion and from what I’ve experienced while playing, outside of rss events (feeding and fort) most of the time its quicker to do 3-5 runs and collect the rss needed to feed or upgrade whatever your trying to. Even at 5 runs your at what 15 minutes? At over 200k of each rss a run your at or over 1m. This doesnt necessarily apply to lower levels but at the same time if a big on your team is on but doesnt have bank access ask them to do a couple runs and boom your bank is full in 5 min instead of 20 min.

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There is a ledger to see who is taking too much. Not trusting teammates when u give them less supervision when taking RSS is atill a thing? Hmm…

If i trust my team enough, i dont mind giving em all access to rss in the castles.