Banking and Upkeep Questions

I searched the forums and cannot find the answer (unless it’s buried somewhere). If it has been already asked, please direct me to the thread.

I know upkeep is like paying rent. But who exactly pays it? The bank or the team members? Also, where is the rent paid? How is it transferred to whoever it goes to? I have learned if it is not paid, everything shuts down for 3 days.

One other question, as a new Atlas team, what is a good weekly donation for players to minimally to pay?

What all is normally tracked? I have so far… taxes, donations, craft materials earned, transfers.

Last questions…When does all these transactions should be collected and tallied? What does PG consider a week? Is it Monday morning thru Sunday night like medal count reset?

If someone can post an example of a spreadsheet, that would be helpful.


If you go into the weekly summary of your bank’s ledger it tells you when it reset.

Mine reset on 7/29 at 3:00 AM so it depends on your time zone. It seems to be midnight in PDT where PG HQ is.

The team collects gold either through taxes or contributions to pay upkeep and to upgrade infrastructure.

Officers or governors of said castle pay and initiate upgrades

We currently donate a million gold a day. It’s pretty easy to keep bank full of food and wood

Reset for bank wkly is Sun-Sat. The team I am on does not have direct tax but we do have a min amount we must deposit in a week. it is 3.5 mill, 500k/day. I’ve been on teams who have 20% and that sucks because it stops your teammates from building troops and leveling primarchs

It comes out of the bank, but only the Leader, Officers, Gov, or Banker can pay it.

In your HQ.

It goes to PG.

A good starting point is 1m a week for many teams. I have found that doing monthly donations helps those who have busy weeks. The more castles you have, though, the higher your minimums should be. Once your castles calm down, you can relax.

Bank -> weekly ledger

Saturday 11:59pm Pacific time


This is all very helpful answers everyone as a new banker, it’s kinda important for me in knowing what to do… I forgot one very important question.

How much is the Upkeep?

Level 2 is 2.5m
Level 3 is 3.8m

You can pay 4 days before it expires, but it’s due every 10 days

If you pay it early it will add 10 days to whatever time you have left (max of 14 days)

I believe it sends a mail to the entire team if you haven’t paid 24 hours before it expires.

You can see the info you need on the HQ page. The too soon button will become a pay button.

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Okay… I was wondering where/how/what to pay it… that makes sense that a button will appear when it is time to pay. I’m still messing around with all the different areas. We just set it up yesterday.

I like to explore and press buttons and play with them to see how things work… sometimes I miss something but every once in a while, I press a “you shouldn’t have pressed that button!” button. :joy:

Everyone! Thanks for all your input… it is much appreciated! :blush:

Btw… that Tax button looks interesting. :joy: :joy: :joy:

This bit is outdated. Currently you lose control of the castle if upkeep is not paid. Infrastructure will go into storage with 10% loss of levels and some (70%?) of castle guards are converted back to team glory

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Oh…okay… it was something I read somewhere. It’s a good thing I like to pay everything off before the due date time.

Try and get your pay dates synced up on only a few days and set yourself (or leaders/officers/lead banker) a reminder on your phone

Taxes are an interesting and debatable tool for collecting gold to fund upkeep (or more)

There are a few camps

  1. set a low tax to cover your upkeep only and rely on donations for infrastructure upgrades. Generally I’d start with a little more than your gold bonus and wait for your bonus to exceed your tax before raising it… ensuring your guys get a net positive.
  2. set zero tax and keep track of weekly donations and have a weekly minimum to cover upkeep and optionally infrastructure
  3. set 100% tax and have a banker/officers distribute gold as necessary.
  4. set a high tax - personally I don’t think anyone should do this except temporarily. There isn’t any terrific reason to do this long term as it’s just unsustainable and the most difficult to manage and keep people happy.

Taxes usually come down to peoples perception of fairness and teamwork. You may find your team needs to recruit players compatible with your management style.


What a great answer to my dumb joke! I will definitely pass this info to my leadership team. Perhaps we will all be able to agree on something.

Not quite sure about what you mean by syncing things up. Are you talking about multiple castles? Upkeep is due in 14 days, thankfully that gives me some time to figure more things out. :blush:

He is.

Since it always adds 10 days, and you can pay up to 4 days early, after a few cycles, you can have all your castles on the same day or two. Just makes it much easier to manage if they’re all paid at the same time.


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