Banned and back? 😕

One of our former members was attacked by this player and he noticed the guy had sapphire dragons already … though the attacker was only a level 92 at the time. Now the attacker is farming our former member for reporting him. Seriously? I don’t understand the rational for cheating in a game or being angry when a legit player calls you out on it. :unamused:


Not…the brightest.


I know right if you can get to a level that high why the need for this

@Arelyna @PGCrisis

@pgcampuslifer SuperMALAKA has put in a ticket with support to report the cheater. Please resolve this quickly since the cheater is farming Mal.

wow… level while breeding level of platin legendary is 108… that account with saphire… lol …

the worse thing is that even if 108 , that dragon would only be level 5 max…
and how it looks this account had them maxed out, seeing from attack power…

very dumb people really

Hi all! Please remember that if you want to report someone, please contact support and you are welcome to also PM screenshots. Contacting support should be the first channel to go through though.

They did.

Twice, apparently. Once before his other account got banned and again after he came back and is farming the guy that reported him.

Glad Atlas has antigriefing mechanisms, too bad the rest of the game never will…at least until Atlas replaces the rest of the game…

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I report him yet but support don’t do nothing yet and him still changed name

Send a message. Then you can keep up with the name changes. :slight_smile:

Cool trick.

Having a black list option for mails or profiles could be useful too, a blacklisted player allows you to keep up with the name changes too without the need of sending them a mail so THEY can track YOU.

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That’s sneaky Kardul :smiley_cat:

Though I barely blacklisted two players in a year and half of playing, one extremely rude in LC. It’s just something I noticed and could be useful for other players, not something I would use myself unless I get harassed for no reason.

Support is investigating. In the meantime he has reached garnet tier. :face_with_monocle:

The issue is-not all ppl whose reporting about will be banned,if it will be the regular TS ticket
I reported about AT LEAST 15 ppl, about a year ago and they have been banned only after this ban wave (thank you🤗)
Also TS system can’t help with some kind of special tickets
For example,we wrote msg to TS 2 weeks ago about new cheat/glitch abuse with sigils,which is still up,after ban wave.
We have detailed information about this,but we don’t have any respond🤷🏻‍♀️
It’s still important,so we will love to know who we can share with.

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