Banned and returned for more

I don’t know if I would call this a rant or a complaint or a cry for people to stop the account selling and buying. But here is why and I have heard of this from other people as well. Cheaters get banned and buy a new account just to be in the same leagues and teams as the rest of us who bust our butt to get where we are. So for anyone who sees no problem with buying an account this is why we should not be alright with it

Here is a convo that just occurred between me and some one savage and yes I have no issue throwing him under the bus.


Who approaches someone in-game to do that… idiot


I only accept cash.


That guy was spamming our league chat today too…


I got heaps to sell. Please dial
1800 - 243 - 2837

Ok for all you young’uns out there that’s
1800 - CHE - ATER


I’m starting to get players mailing me ingame asking “if you’re no longer playing your account, can I have it?”

Just. Wow.

At least you didn’t say “dial”…


Gimme. Thanks.

Or did I… :joy: edited it. Dial is waaaay better :rofl:

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Ikr, too bad WD isn’t one of those that you can trade/give stuff away when you quit/no longer play.
But that would imply that I’m quitting or no longer playing…which isn’t the case. I left my long time team and am trying things out in Bronze for a while before I start looking for a new team, or decide to grow my own :man_shrugging: Who knew dropping to Bronze meant you were quitting :man_facepalming:

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WTH? Come over to my team. Will ping u in game

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