Banned for Cheating without Evidence Provided

Hi there,

I am not entirely sure how I cheated or what I actually did wrong. I have read so much over the last few hours. I was only told that I simply was detected as cheating in the game. I can personally assure that I never used codes or hacks or anything. I would never even have the ability to go this or the knowledge on how. Was my game logged in on a different device!? I only use my iPhone 7 in Mesa AZ to use my device. I only used the resources that I was granted from earning to play the game. I never noticed any type of glitch that was alarming either.

Here is the ticket number from my original request. 1183575

I am honestly trying to understand this to the best of my ability. I only play this game as a way to let go of the rest of the world pass time while on military duty. Free time at home as I don’t have any gaming system outside of my phone because I am a father of 3 and only get a little free time here and there. I don’t know how to go into a game activate or put in a cheat code using my phone. Why would I even want to do this? Cheating doesn’t get you anywhere and you can’t feel proud of the work you have done because it wasn’t earned. Please please hear my case and help me to understand why I deemed a cheater for only playing the game properly using the tools that were provided.

I collected the bounty harbor every 6hrs when it was available. The XP was hard to judge where I should be because of the current fortification event and I went up to level 206 from 200. That is due to the thousands of 1hr speed ups I had accumulated from Atlas Events. Then I focused the rest of the speed ups on the front island on my base getting those towers to 41. So recently I am not even sure how I could have cheated. I am really trying to figure this out and understand how I was banned when I literally was doing what I’ve always done since I started playing in December 2016.

Honestly at this point if I could please have an explanation other than a template response. I can walk away knowing what I did wrong and I will take ownership of this because that is who I am. I just don’t understand how someone can cheat if they are doing the same thing over and over again week after week and not changing anything they do. I mean I found new things out that I could do to enhance dragon power. Like riders and forging armor and upgrading them to make the dragon stronger. My Aibrean was a level 31 I think, the one before garnet and 43mil attack power simply because I forged gear for the rider. Used the event of forging in the atlas event to accumulate the rewards for that. I don’t think that is cheating when you use the events intended use to stock up on resources and speed ups to make the events easier on hitting achievements. If that was the wrong way of doing it then I was wrong and I shouldn’t of stocked up on resources. For that I am sorry. Sorry for the long message, I am just leaving for Afghanistan in a month and this was a game I could play over there to pass time in addition to playing with my wife XjJeepGirl and communicating with her through the game as well. She plays right next to me every time I play the game and we play together doing XP runs and giving each other resources and helping each other through the game.


Everything that you see there was done over a 30 day period. Never once used anything to cheat or done anything in regards to trying to fix the system. I literally am doing what the game was intended for level up dragons and grow your base. The same thing I have done since 12/2016b when I first started to play. So how is a player cheating when he saves and hordes things for events and uses what is provided to them?

Im curious how you get only 130 1min speed up? I have over 13k

130 - 1Min Speed Ups? I use them quite often. I never really care much about saving those and use them for forging and such.

In addition to this post, I spent almost $1100 on this game over the 18 months that I played. Bought a pack the day I was banned.

The 1hr Speed up Pile came from prizes inside atlas events. Also knew build event was coming so I was saving them because to get my front towers to 40, they are 20 day builds.

What’s the usual item that you receive from the harbor or anything that is out of the ordinary?

Also, it is better if you simply PM one of the correct PG Employee (Arelyna for example) and discuss it there.

Hey there, I usually receive Potions mostly some rubies, and 480 egg tokens and occasionally speeds ups. Nothing seemed unusual with that. I did message an employee directly and nothing was returned. i was banned the 2nd day of the even about mid afternoon after I hit 2million points. I got up that high because of my farms, I was able to go from 39 to 44 on those and with the stock pile of one hours i had, that was an easy build and points. The towers I worked on I had to spend 900k+ in wood and almost 4k in frags so the points were justified there. I ran out of my speed ups finally which is why I bought a pack top try and get enough Elemental Frags from a gold chest to finish getting a Fire Falk to 40

that’s rather a big amount of egg token. I usually get 50 below egg tokens every first check in of the day (if it gives me egg tokens) and I am higher than you in terms of level. Don’t know if that’s another A/B Test or what, but just pm Arelyna if you want your ticket to be escalated.

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Will do thank you man! Yeah, since December of 2016, I usually got 480 or 1440 Egg Tokens when I got them from the Harbor. Rarely but those are the only 2 numbers I got for egg tokens. I only have one device I play on, my iphone and it’s not a jail break phone. I make payments every month on this

@Arelyna @PGCrisis

What’s crazy is that they say that I am cheating but they have not even tried to look further into this with evidence that I provided. My wife sits right next to me and plays with me. We run xp runs together and share resources and everything.

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I have never downloaded software or used third party apps for this game. I literally open my phone, click the app, load it play and close out the app. Daily routine!

Hey sarge I can’t actually see anything that’d indicate that you’ve cheated . I’ve started some fort events with heaps of timers simply cuz I’ve been saving and not wanted grow much since January, doesn’t make me a cheat tho .
As for egg tokens I’ve never actually noticed what the harbour pays out

Hello! Just wanted to say, on behalf of all Sarge’s friends that couldn’t leave a comment, for one reason or another, that Sarge is am AMAZING person and does not deserve to be banned at all as he did NOTHING wrong and has only worked as hard if not harder than all the people who play War Dragons. All he has ever done is play the game exactly as it was designed to be played, no cheating or anything like that, has spent alot of money on the game and, unless his account was hacked, hasn’t done anything wrong and deserves to get his account back! Everyone please help Sarge to get his account back, he doesn’t deserve to be banned and deserves to have an account on the game more than alot of people I’ve seen in LC and that who have an account. This is just me saying more thoughtson the subject, Goodbye and I hope sarge gets his account back!

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WarSarge, the same happened to one of our team mates. Here is what I already posted in the thread that covinently was closed.
The modded phone was also the answer from @PGJared to my officer, with no support or proof behind it. When my officer asked more about this, the only answer from @PGJared & co was silence.

So yeah, the cheaters like those presented above with 60 towers and 30 level farms are playing this game without a problem, while my officer who played the game as an elite player only, for more than 2 years, being a 234 level with emeralds and nothing fancy, gets banned with no real proof of a valid reason.

With these many errors and glitches in this game lately, I wonder if the “modded phone” isn’t only an excuse for covering up a ban error. The problem is, good people and players like my officer, got the shaft for no valid reason.

Well said Bomb . I hope you get your account back too sarge

Hi there, Thank you for this reply! I am not sure what level you are but, once you start getting the towers to the 40 mark, you start increasing defense power drastically! My attack power is that high without Garnet simply is because of riders and the armor you can put on them.

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So yes, I too vouch for XxNobodyxX who’s an excellent team player, who spent numerous nights awake during our wars and who’s there for anyone in the team needing help.

A 234 level on the way to get his first obsidian after two years of playing… his base is now 1. PG, please review this and come with a good proof of hacking. We are not living in the Middle Ages, there has to be a way to prove your innocence.