Banned for no reason


Hello my IGN is Stoni222 I was doing experience runs with my husband last night and received a message saying I was kicked from my team and my account suspended. I sent a support claim to pocketgemssupport. No reply. Sent one this morning and got a generic message saying I cheated, I spend lots of money and have put a ton of time into the game and have never felt the need to cheat. I feel this is a huge error. I have spoken to Google and they said a refund could be issued. However I would really just like my account restored, I am not giving up on this, I didn’t cheat. I worked my butt off to get where I am in the game, I also messaged alleviates on her page she suggested I post here and tag you. I still have yet to receive a reply from support as to what I supposedly did. @WDJared


@PGJared @pgCampusLifer
Just making sure the tag is right for you.


Yes, sorry I got it wrong I guess


@PGJared any help is appreciated! Alleviates referee me to you




@jkemp here it is


Thank you Stoni222… got it! Really hope that this is sorted very soon. The team cant wait to have you back! Really disappointed in the way PG handles this and banning people in general.


Hi. I’m the person who banned you. Normally we don’t discuss these details in a public forum. Do you want me to authorize me to do so?


Yes that is completely fine by me, I just would like to know the reason.


Yes you are authorized, I really just want to know why

  • 2017-10-21 09:48:10-07:00 Pacific time, the account Stoni2222 connected to our server and did an attack. At this time, the device claimed that the time was unix epoch 1508604468. If you paste that into you’ll see that it means that the device thought the time was Saturday, October 21, 2017 9:47:48 AM GMT-07:00 DST in pacific time. In other words, the device and our server roughly agree what time it is within a minute or two.
  • Twenty seconds later, at 2017-10-21 09:48:30-07:00 Pacific time, our server logged the same account connecting again. This time the device claimed the time was unix epoch 1508622503 which is Saturday, October 21, 2017 2:48:23 PM GMT-07:00 DST pacific time. Somehow the device and our server went from agreeing what time it is to twenty seconds later disagreeing by 18035 seconds (about 5 hours).
  • Since the client believed it was 5 hours later, it tried to do a bunch of illegal actions by skipping timers. A crafting job marked itself done. Nine dragons marked themselves healed. Three breeders marked themselves as having new breeding jobs.
  • Our server’s security system caught all of this and blocked the action and marked the account as suspected for cheating.
  • During my daily review of suspected cheaters, I banned the account because the evidence looked crisp to me.
  • Normally when you write in, you will go through the ban appeal process so that a second set of eyes sees if I was doing the right thing. I haven’t digged into the details of what happened there.


I was on that morning, but I didn’t do any of that, every timer I have ever gotten I’ve worked for the right way. I mean I don’t need to cheat. Why would I spend the money on the game that I do and then throw it all away by cheating. I worked hard for what I got in the game. I mean roll me back to the that day if you need to, but you can ask anyone on my team. I bust my booty and if something happened with the server or whatever it was completely unintentional. I don’t know what else to say, but I didn’t DO any of that.


My device is set to satellite time the only think is there was a satellite malfunction, its actually quite common, and AT&T did experience some malfunction and outages during the time frame you described


Alot of people have been Banned for this same thing. Most of which have plead ignorance. IF it turns out this can happen due to issues with service providers then PG has a lot of apologies to send out. But that is a big IF…


Well I know I didn’t change the time on my own, wasn’t even aware I could until I looked a few minutes ago


Ok I’ve done a little bit of backtracking to figure out what happened may be this will help clear up what occurred. Friday I got Ettin breedable, I breed him and Danzig for Bander and Yersinu, I also breed hugin. He was in my incubator 1st, I used timers on jmhand to hatch him, then I put bander in the incubator, Saturday morning I hatched him, and asked a teammate for 3 runs on bander, she obliged. One of the runs I lost connection and had to restart the game, the second time I got a sync error, and had to restart again. We finally did the runs and then I decided to go in and back breed 3 dragons, Durga, Urd, and Noss. That’s your 3 dragon jobs, I used a tad over 20k egg tokens. As far as my game moving forward in time the graph I posted gives peak outage times for my cell service which is Verizon, not AT&T, that’s my bad. Sorry for mix up. As for dragons healing, I don’t control that and had nothing to do with that. But I paid for the dragons I got. I do remember using timers to clear a potion as it only had a few minutes on it, I wanted to finish it before I went into work at noon that day. I swear on my game and everything I have worked for in it this true to the best of my memory. I have no need to cheat, if I want something in the game I’ll pay for it or work for it. Please don’t take my dragons away from me, myself and five other family and friends play and we all spend a good deal of money on the game. Something obviously happened that was out of my hands and I feel I have been wrongfully banned@pgcampuslifer


Kind of an amazing coincidence that your account was sync’d with the proper time, then you logged off, then logged back on 20s later with your device 5h ahead. Cant say Ive heard of something like that happening before. However, I have heard of people rolling their clocks forward to cheat game timers.

Twenty seconds sounds like the amount of time it would take you to logoff, roll your clock forward, then log back on. Your story about a satellite malfunction is pretty hard to believe. Just sayin.


I have already flagged in the last forum that server times can be mismatched with device times due to issues with the network. I really don’t think time outages should be the sole cause for banning. Please @pgCampusLifer I implore you to come up with an alternative in these situations. I hate cheaters, but I’m also fair and to me, if there can be a reasonable explanation about time differences, then the player should have the right to present that evidence (as done here) and appeal the ban. Even better would be for the player to be put on notice, so they are aware of this issue - what then can happen is that the next time the player sees all sorts of things being completed, they can double check the system time first to make sure it is all kosher before claiming, thereby avoiding a potential ban.

Please we can make this work.


I’m amazed anyone can claim they can load their game in less than twenty seconds. Mine takes nearly a full minute since the interface update.

@Grumpybigbird this is a teammate of mine , whom I know quite well. While I know anyone can lie, I don’t believe this is the case. My fear is that if can happen to someone I believe to be telling the truth, can it happen to any of us :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Stoni did not and does not cheat - she spends a lot of time and money on the game and is committed to the game and her team - reading the evidence above i hope pg will see this was a glitch and re-instate her asap

There are cheaters out there but stoni is not one of them and i am glad there is evidence as already shown to back that up

Glitches do happen - this is one of them

Pg you do a great job of dealing with these things i have faith you will see this is a glitch and not cheating