Banned or inactive players

Good morning! our team found a member of another team during a war that could not be attacked (an error message would appear says that was banned or inactive). Looking up in previous post I see similar situations have been going on since around October last year. I placed a ticket but again only the generic answer, they will look at it. Is there a better way to have that problem fixed for the future??

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I’m pretty sure it’s due to the setting as a team leader for autokick. This feature can be turned on or off, and it off it will not kick for inactivity, thus giving the message of “Cannot attack.” (super super annoying in wars!!)

It’s quite annoying, and I hope this gets fixed soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes i hope it gets fixed soon as well… since there are wars where five or less flames win or lose the war!!

Exactly. It happened a lot when my team was in bronze, but thank goodness there were only a few members of the team we were warring haha

You actually can’t turn the setting off. Auto kick is always enabled.


but there are times where the auto kick is not working or bugged as hell and that is the one that this OP’s team is fighting against. It’s rare, but yeah it happens.

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I recently made a team and it gave me the choice for to turn it on or off in the beginning. Now I do not have it, but when I made my team it gave me a choice

How unusual

I thought it was strange. Maybe a new concept? I’d never seen that before

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