Banned players account


A w.d player by the in game name flatering got a hold of me asking for help and concerned why their account was banned. I had asked them what they could have done to be banned and they said nothing that they know of. Players ign flatering players email is [redacted]
can you please help. @PGJared can you please help?


I don’t see a player by that name. I can reach out to the email, but if you have their IGN it’d be really helpful in seeing if / why they were banned.



My apologies auto correct


It happens. We’ll reach out to the player.


Thank you sir


Any luck by chance?


My team created a ticket and sent it to the email address you gave me. Did the player not receive it?


They told me they recieved it but that there response from about 12 hrs ago hasn’t been responded to. I will get back to you with screenshot? Or would it be better for private mail?. My forums limit per post a day is 6. I would have gotten back to you sooner if I could have messaged you back.


You can private message me if you’d like.


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