Banned players troops

Avoid attacking banned players. Our team attacked one and lost 10:1 without battle.

@pg if this could be sorted out soon that would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance.

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I wonder if that’s not an anti-abuse system designed to prevent people from getting a crazy amount of free kills. (Or the reason they were banned)

It’s likely a side effect of what happens when you are able to attack a banned base. Those attacks end instantly with 0% destroyed and in Atlas that affects troop loss

You lost troops to ratio of 10:1 and smh after that your primarch is also lost, i attacked one with my sieger and lost around 10k troops and got a wipe out because it was a big 0% and after that i cant resummon sieger, its just gone to level 0.

It’s not by design. The ships belonging to banned players should have been removed. An error was made when invoking the ban code, that caused ships to be queued for removal, but not actually removed. The removals are now being processed, and will be complete soon. If you lost ships when trying to attack a banned player, please write a support ticket along with the approximate time of your battle and our support team will look up the affect battle(s) and credit your lost ships. Sorry for the hassle.


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