Banned Team Atlas Garrisons

Hi. Not sure if this has been discussed but if a team that had Atlas castles got banned why do their garrisons and blockades remain? Shouldn’t their entire Atlas presence be gone? Otherwise they are an impediment and you get 0 glory for destroying their garrisons. Doesn’t seem right.

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#atlas please…

It hasn’t been rolled out yet, give them a little time

The castles owned by Teams removed from Atlas still persist, but since none of them can access Atlas, the upkeep will expire on its own, leaving the castle vulnerable to conquest. It’s been a few days now, so the majority of them will be expiring in at most 7 days.

You get 0 glory? You mean because of team scaling? I got glory when killing my previous neighbors castle guards.

PM me cords and provide safe passage and I’ll be happy to kill guards if I can get glory from it. Probably plenty of others would too.

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