Banned without cause

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My bro he was a little guy when I first recruited him to my old team taught him everything I knew about the game was even a member of my current team he has used every tip I could find on this game from other players and YouTube I don’t cheat nor does he this man is a member of our armed forces he deserves better than just banning him with out any proof that he did so plz help him get his account back our men and women in the military and there families

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As a vet myself, I’m offended that you are using his military status as an excuse to get a “reason” why he was banned. Military/Veteran status has nothing to do with an app game.


They can open up a ticket and wait for a response at

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We can’t do anything. Make a ticket

There is a misinterpretation here. Mayhem isn’t saying Sarge’s military status is the contributing factor to the ban. He is pleading for a former member who has his respect inside and outside of the game. Mayhem respects those who serve our country and wants to show his support. :tulip:

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You might wanna start using punctuation marks, hug buddy. Them run on sentences gonna get you in trouble with those who don’t know you. :hugs::hugs::hugs: