Banner Coloring


Can we get the banners color coded again so we know which are which?


Yes a thousand times over please.

Best solution: allow us to assign our own banner colors in the settings menu

Eg: War attack - Red, War Defense - Orange
Normal attack - Green - normal Defense Blue
Event attack - brown, event defense - purple
Beta attack - White - beta; defense yellow

Or whatever (just examples) . Point is the player SELF selects the color

That way no one can complain that Color x doesn’t work for them.

As current, on my screen at least, its tricky as hell to spot a beta attack/defense compared to the others


I like so much this Idea


I support this idea. Right now we have no idea if our friends get hit in beta or in regular raids


Change the icon on the banner too. Shield for red attacks, skull for wars, and maybe a map or something for atlas


Icon & color combo is good.
That way it is compliant for color blind people and works if they let people customize the colors someday.


This is something we had planned to work on shortly! We realize the colors with the new UI became a bit less distinguishable. Thanks for the recommendation.


Renewing a request I made before to show attacker and defender’s primarchs and troop counts in the attack banner. Don’t like wasting lots of hammers on 1 troop vs 1 troop attacks, for example.


A location indicator would be nice also. Would help reduce mini heart attacks from thinking your home is under attack when it’s really just people on poachers in no mans land or something lol


I totally agree that a different color banner and icon for atlas would help teams distinguish between the various attacks and defenses. I like the idea of the skull/gold for war, map/blue for atlas and scroll/green for normal attacks.


@pgEcho I have no clue on how hard this would be coding wise either so feel free to let us know. Would it also be possible to turn OFF banners selectively. Getting attacks right for say beta is VERY costly. If you are in the middle of something in Atlas and say a bunch of regular attacks come on, would it be possible to just turn of the banners (not the attack itself obviously) so that you as a player/team can choose what to focus on. That was one concern I think people had was adding this much stuff would just create a huge workload. @PGDave thoughts as well?


Nice idea to filter war banners. :grin:


Game isn’t considerate of left handed players … why not allow players to change where there spells are … right side left side?:thinking:

that bloody swap button is in the wrong place



This would make life a thousand times easier for all of us. Please consider implementing this PG.


Atlas attack and defense invites will have their own colors in an update coming in 3.90. It will also include troop amounts from the attacker and defender in the invite window.


When is 3.90 forecasted to hit? (Not looking to hold anyone’s feet to the fire, just a general time frame subject to change would be fine)


Early to Mid December.


so it’d be safe that this will come with the patch that will fix the travel path on Android in Atlas?


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