Banner colouring

Not sure why I cannot reply to posts in atlas. But seriously hope there won’t be a mess of Colours cos it would be very confusing.

Just green for normal attacks or defences
Red for wars
And white for atlas
While the logo for Attack and defence could be different, say Attack on the left and Defence on the right. Just my two cents worth


You forgot a color for event attacks, and you’d probably want a different color for atlas event attacks too

Or colorblind people etc.

Just let players assign their own colors. No issue

Event Attack I think no issue with normal Attack Colours as if major event it was coloured like team war as now, while in major event there is no team wars allowed, hence red banner on major event week means event Attack or Defence, quite clear cut. Yes atlas as mentioned should be different Colour as others proposed, say white

Red-green colorblindness affects 7-9 percent of men.

I always get the banner colors confused between war banner, just a regular attack on my base and event attack. They all seem the same red color to me. I know look at the team but sometimes I’m lazy and don’t wanna lol :laughing:

Or make designated buttons for each banner. The banners that drop down should have two colors, one for joing attacks, and one for defending them. Within these banners are those lists that then get jumbled together if they happen at the same time. An example of this would be war defense banners and banners for regular attacks which are easily hidden behind the first war defense banner. The only difference between the two is a skull(i think). This makes it impossble to differentiate from one banner to the other. So here is the idea-

War banners have an obvious Skull on their primary banner. And the secondary banners will also have a skull always on their button while Attack invites will have a large and obvious sword going along the middle part of the banner(after clicking original pop up) and pointing towards the skull button. The defensive war banner will instead have a shield underneath the skull button but leaving the skull easily recognizable for efficiency.

Atlas primary banners will be signified with a Castle tower/turret button symbol. Again, the differentiation would need to differentiate each banner from others, including war banners!!! In other words no shields and no swords. Atlas is special and therefore should have a special theme. The secondary portion of the attack invites would be marked with an upraise hand pointing onwards (as if commanding an onward march) OR a lance that is used for jousting pointing towards the button. The defensive secondary invites would be much different. Instead of a shield theme we could run with the atlas idea of castles and make the image of a closed outer gate OR two knights crossing their spears initiating the thought of being blocked.

Regular banners for invites should be the most simple of all of these. The primary invite banner could be marked with a sword and/or shield to signify a regular invitation. The secondary invite can have either a sword on the button or a shield on the button, signifying attack and defense invites respectively. The horizontal middle portion of the banner should be blank to be easily skipped over during war waves (unlike war invites with a pointing sword or shield in the middle of the banner with a skull button).

Finally, we have event invites. These should be just like normal invites but instead of the normal coloration they would be lighter in color with a border of some sort to indicate the importance of team placings in events giving better prizes. Maybe even have the word EVENT burning in the middle of the secondary invite.

These ideas are just something i thought would be cool. The general purpose can be understood with the first paragraph. Feel free to make these individualized secondary invite differentiations whatever you wish but please make them easily recognizable as different from one another while in the invite page.

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The way that I see it, adding clarity through wording and icons would help.

Colorblind-friendly colors tend to become a bit pastel-looking (below), and the text could end up blending into the button color as well. If every attack/defense type + origin got its own color, that’d be too much to make it all play nice, along with being too overwhelming for newer players to keep track of. Self-defense got its own, because why not reward being online? There are so many different ways it could be setup.

Very, very rough mockup (used glow for lazy shinies, though just leaving them gray works):
The Atlas defense icon is terrible, because I didn’t know what to do :laughing:
(Colors pulled from here.)


I would love this to be implemented. It’ll make things a lot easier for everyone.

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For me, defense attacks start as green then after a few seconds change to brown if it’s event. War usually is brown the whole way. In any case, not sure why any differing types of attacks/defenses are marked with the same color seems a pretty obvious bad idea.

Castles are what I was thinking for Atlas. First thought was map but that didn’t work so well for defense. Excuse the poor execution lol graphic design is not my strong suit

Atlas attack iconAtlas defense icon

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Colorblindness is something we’re discussing. Honestly I’d like to see filters for the major types of colorblindness that can be toggled on/off. There’s also a lot that can be done with color density and opacity even if you don’t change to a different color.

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I’m not colorblind (that I know of) but banners are a lot more ambiguous now than they used to be.

That looks so much better - did a quick replacement & removed the glow. The other icons, other than the terrible previous Atlas Def one, are existing WD assets, definitely not my own :slight_smile:

Edit: Adding some other differentiating factor to the actual buttons you tap to enter the defense/attack would help too - color/icon/something.



Hi, I have been following this thread with interest and I really wish for something done about banners too!
I remember that banners were different colours before, and red was only for “Defend yourself”. Brown was for events, possibly wars, and green for normal attack/defence. It was already a bit confusing at times but now it’s almost impossible to tell the banners apart.

I would like to suggest a little tweak or two for the colourblind set you presented, about the dark green of normal attack/defence and the Atlas banners. I am not colourblind but I barely see the letters in front of the dark green, and it’s just a bit better in front the dark blue, it gives a blurry feel to the letters. Maybe change the characters colour of these two types of banners to the same greyish colour as the swords and shields, so that colourblind people can read it as well as everyone else.

I have a colourblind friend but I am relatively ignorant of the condition, so I hope my reply is useful for everyone’s eyesight. I could totally adopt these banners to sort attacks and defence. Thank you for creating them and suggesting changes :blush:

Good point on the text; the blurriness is anti-aliasing that wouldn’t exist in-game. The mockups are more just an example of “what about something like this?” than direct implementation in-game :smiley:



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