Banner colouring


Castles are what I was thinking for Atlas. First thought was map but that didn’t work so well for defense. Excuse the poor execution lol graphic design is not my strong suit

Atlas attack iconAtlas defense icon


Colorblindness is something we’re discussing. Honestly I’d like to see filters for the major types of colorblindness that can be toggled on/off. There’s also a lot that can be done with color density and opacity even if you don’t change to a different color.


I’m not colorblind (that I know of) but banners are a lot more ambiguous now than they used to be.


That looks so much better - did a quick replacement & removed the glow. The other icons, other than the terrible previous Atlas Def one, are existing WD assets, definitely not my own :slight_smile:

Edit: Adding some other differentiating factor to the actual buttons you tap to enter the defense/attack would help too - color/icon/something.



Hi, I have been following this thread with interest and I really wish for something done about banners too!
I remember that banners were different colours before, and red was only for “Defend yourself”. Brown was for events, possibly wars, and green for normal attack/defence. It was already a bit confusing at times but now it’s almost impossible to tell the banners apart.

I would like to suggest a little tweak or two for the colourblind set you presented, about the dark green of normal attack/defence and the Atlas banners. I am not colourblind but I barely see the letters in front of the dark green, and it’s just a bit better in front the dark blue, it gives a blurry feel to the letters. Maybe change the characters colour of these two types of banners to the same greyish colour as the swords and shields, so that colourblind people can read it as well as everyone else.

I have a colourblind friend but I am relatively ignorant of the condition, so I hope my reply is useful for everyone’s eyesight. I could totally adopt these banners to sort attacks and defence. Thank you for creating them and suggesting changes :blush:


Good point on the text; the blurriness is anti-aliasing that wouldn’t exist in-game. The mockups are more just an example of “what about something like this?” than direct implementation in-game :smiley:


Change Event Pop Up Color

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Reopened? :eyes::eyes::eyes:


Probably because they thought this topic was worth discussing further? Even though it apparently fell off most people’s radars? (As indicated by the 30 day autoclosing time.)


I thought they were going to announce something, like they’re changing a color banner or symbol. :man_shrugging:t3:Now I’m not so sure.


Atlas did get their own banner colors + icon since then; those are nice :tada:


I’ve requested this thread to be reopened because i wanted to share an update on the banner/attack invite screen. We’ve made some quality of life improvements which should help the overall usage of the banner and the invite screen. Please let me know what everyone thinks about these changes.

note: not all these images are finalized

  1. Attack Banner will always persist as long as there is an active invite
    -This improvement was made in order to allow people to continue to revisit any active invite. We’ve noticed that there were some cases where the banner could be closed unintentionally and wanted to correct that behavior
    -Added an X button: we added an “X” button which can be used to close the banner at any moment. If you’re doing something else and do not want to see the banner it can now be closed without going through the attack preview screen

  2. Small Banner Color Update
    -Event banner will now be posted as yellow. It was never our intent to make event banners so indistinguishable from war battles. We’ve updated the color to be yellow so it’s easier to read event battles from wars going forward
    -Regulars Battles -> Green
    -Wars -> Red
    -Events -> Dark Yellow
    -Atlas -> Blue/Light Blue
    -Defense Yourself -> Red

  3. Icon updates
    -We’ve added icons to the different types of battles to make it easier for our color vision deficient players.
    -War Defense:
    -Event Attack
    -Event Defense

  4. Attack Preview Updates
    -Each Attack/Defense is colored with its corresponding invite color. For example Wars will have a Red highlight to help players visualize attacks
    -Corresponding Icons for each Attack/Defense will be added
    -Join button made bigger and more consistent with the overall UI
    -Room Capacity!: We added a new feature which will allow you to know how many players are already in the battle.

Version 4.00 Pre-Release Notes
Battle Invites: Disabling expired invites/incomplete mockup of an alternate view
4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes
Please Make Practical UI Changes
Detailed Document: Current War Dragons & Request (Section 2-1)
Version 4.00 Pre-Release Notes

I need to be able to give more than one like for this… must have all the things :tada:

Though invite jumping will still be an issue, this is still a massive improvement.


That is amazing! I don’t believe this was requested on the forums, but Jimminy cricket, that’s a huge QoW improvement!

Thank you for the invite improvements!


This is great as long as you can still differentiate a decoy war attack from a real one. Hopefully you haven’t changed anything besides the coloration.


From the post and the mock-up picture included, it looks like they color coded as well as symbol coded attacks, making it even easier to discern war attacks from decoys.


This is awesome!! Thanks!!

Just one teeny suggestion @PGMichael, can we change the word “battle” on the banner to be either “attack” or “defence”? I know the icons is there to differentiate but would be much clearer if the text also corresponds.

Thanks again can’t wait!


I still think the ability to toggle different ones would be nice but this certainly looks like an improvement


@forScience if were talking about rooms which have full capacity as opposed to expired invites. I think we addressed this issue by greying out the join button if the room is full. Once the timer expires it will naturally be removed from the list.