Banners in Atlas

Battle invites and defense invites in atlas disappear when you tap into any page, eg team battle history, atlas event page. While theyre still active, you click in one of the pages or switch back to the main game, the banner is gone. Can we fix the banner thing so we dont lose the banners as we work around atlas? Thank you. @PGDave


I’ve reported this in a number of threads

The atlas UI spawns the window in front of everything. It’s also oddly a window type that guided access won’t allow you to launch (which is weird because it’s within the same application)

You can briefly see the banner at the top where it’s not covered If you pay close attention.

These banners need to drop in front of these atlas windows. (Not behind them)

I hope this gets attention finally

Thanks, I’ll make sure it’s on the docket for the next version currently in development (4.10).

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