Banning as the way of fixing the bugs!


I would like to address this post to the administration of the game.
I understand that, perhaps it is not a good topic to start with but, honestly saying, it has been too much of bugs, banns, and etc.
I’m not trying to offend any employee of the game-making process. Though, i find it extremely unfair towards players who got banned because of using the bug. Players are not responsible for the fact that game has it’s loopholes, it is the problem of those who cannot fix them. Moreover, nobody has told us that using it will lead to ban, or it is considered as violations of terms. We received the email, that says: “please do not do any forges because currently it has some problems” that’s it. No worning, no restrictions, nothing, and after about a month, the administration bannes about 30 ppl, of course providing no explonations or feedbacks.
the administration bans for their miscalculations and flaws. Players just thought it was an ordinary gaming opportunity and therefore used it. And again it is not a cheat: you put things to forge, then you cancel the first subject, and the rest of three are ready, there is no special code or tricky combinations; in one word it is a BUG which wasn’t fixed.
Accordingly, if we were not notified that these are miscalculation of their work and use of it is prohibited, then the ban is illegal! But what was done instead?
Banning bug users as if they were cheaters. If it is the way how their work is done, then i’m very disappointed of such irresponsibility.


This has been discussed time and time again.

Arguably, it’s irresponsible for bug exploiters to knowingly exploit bugs. Think back to games like Call of Duty when some #£@$ shoots you through the wall from the other side of the map. Just don’t do it.

Also… sorry but “illegal” refers to law, not policies within games.

See the below from @PGJared


Bug exploitation is CHEATING.

Once is complete chance, twice is forgivable as you may have not spotted it the first time, three times is confirmation of spotted bug more that that and you are deliberately taking advantage of a bug and deserve to be banned. It’s that simple.


Hi. I wrote a long post addressing the recent bans at the following link.


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