Banning has gone too far

I’m all for banning players who are hacking to jump ahead with tokens, rubies, wars etc.

But we lost so many XP bases recently that WD is becoming more challenging for me then I consider worthwhile.
I’ll probably edit this post in the morning to add in the names of our fallen comrades. Feel free to note them in the comments and make my life easier.

Edit: list additions:

  • PgKissMyAss
  • Mayahem89376
  • LoveSVU715852

WhatTheF0x, PgKissMyAss, SaLangHeyoooo, mission bases I believe? No doubt I’m missing some… SaLang wasn’t actually banned we lost him to the quest craziness

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I don’t think SaLangHeyoooo or WhatTheF0x were actually banned though. The 312 base still technically exists under the name SayoNaraaaa but it only has farms and lvl 1 ice flaks. WhatTheF0x went innactive, which is different than being banned.


Just wait until you see legit players get banned and how many people are actually cheating. There are so many that it would make your head spin and the refunds flow.


So you’re okay banning people who cheat and are getting ahead, but you’re not okay banning players that you can use for XP?


Why would PG ban players who set up their bases for xp? I don’t believe it is the case at all. Else they would disband the xp farm teams.

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Oh no…they DONT ban people who do but DO ban xp bases…because, you know, logic?


The xp bases are normally unavailable for attacks since they go inactive. That’s different from banning … where all progress is lost.

If there’s that many cheating,why don’t they just fix the network code? Who knows maybe they’re getting rid of XP bases for a reason.

I know this is hard to believe, but some xp bases could easily be hackers trying to hide

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Since they are not actively defending, I find that unlikely. Not impossible… But very unlikely.

I believe this is part of an “all fronts” strategy to push everyone to atlas… Although I have no reason to think this beyond personal opinion.

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I thought banning legitimate players was a myth. As such can be. Program error?

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I have seen them first hand screw it up. For example, rather than either fix the patch or move something server side. They just write a script that if an “impossible” scenario occurs, then a ban is triggered. One that I know happened in the past, we had a teammate who leveled too fast when ice turrets came out (little did she know PG was about to flood the whole game with them), but back then shards were hard to come by. The system assumed she was cheating since she used too many and banned her.

Here is where the fun begins, they gave her ice shards as an apology. So, she used them the next build event. Guess what? Banned because she had more than was theoretically possible.

I do not know all the details but there was someone recently banned for achieving too many gems without an IAP so the game flagged him and he was banned. Despite him having a fairly through record of how he achieved it but I guess that one has to be decided.

Seriously though…a lot of the really easy hacks are ignored it feels like and rather than ramp up the server capacity (because it costs more?) they just continue as is it seems. It feels like it mostly relies on player ignorance more than anything.


I’m a developer and i’ve literally never seen anyone with a bigger need to upgrade servers and go through the legacy code to correct issues. To be honest the game needs to be pulled down and rewritten. This constant patching is a bullshit way to run this big a game…It’s not like they r not making the money for a correction…the need for server expansion and upgrade is so bad as to be laughable…


If this is about len, I think it is impossible to get 180K rubies within 5 days on the same event when the maximum you can get without any bonus rewards would be only 12k~13k and that is if you can max them all out on a single event.

so that one is a legit ban unless he/she is able to explain how he/she got it without spending a dime.

If it’s not about that then you can disregard this.

How is it possible to do what is necessary without stopping the game for a period?

I’m fairly certain it’s not about Len lol

That was not a case of “having rubies” but actually spending an impossible amount, slightly different

This was not about Len

Im not expert on this, but one thing that comes to my mind was to have everybody un-install and re-install the game. As it have been the go to fix by PG… but I maybe wrong. But still I believe doable… not impossible.