Banning has gone too far


There was also the situation on the old forums where someone was banned because the dock gave them all the gifts since the last time they logged in and triggered the “flood” script. And CampusLifer unbanned them after other people reproduced and screenshoted the same thing on their inactive mini’s.


The type of base doesn’t matter. If they violate the rules, they get banned. I can’t comment on those specific bases, but I can say that at least one of those bases isn’t even banned.

If someone is banned in error we investigate the ban appeal message and restore the account.

We’re working on it.

We’re not.

This is untrue.

I can’t really comment on an ongoing investigation.

We’re hiring.




I mean, it’s true. We’re hiring. If can fix the game we’ll pay them a good deal of money to come work for us and fix the game. I’ll personally bake them cookies as well.


But what kiiiind of cookies?


Your pick. My most popular ones are brown butter ricotta cookies, but I’m flexible.


If somehow we’re out of xp base, would you consider this request?


I am dying over here. That was freakin funny! Serious or not those last couple comments had me rolling :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I’d consider the heck out of it, but it’s not really my call. That said, we frequently have discussions around these kinds of things.

I’m 100% serious. I would love to have more engineers to work on bugs / stability and I bake a mean cookie.


It might be considered off topic but a lot of the problems I have seen are not engineering issues. They are a problem with finance making certain decisions and while it might work now and tomorrow, it usually causes the decay of the product.


I think PGs biggest problem is too many discussions,and not enough action. They seem to cater to the mega whales,and throw the rest of us a bone.


1 % inaccurate.


In what way?


Well from what I’ve read atlas was rolled out to diamond teams first,and I’d say most of the mega whales are there. When they rolled out the tower fiasco it was fixed asap once again mega whales. The latest patches was mostly geared towards high end players.

I’ve yet to see much thrown towards the f2p or low spenders. I’ve seen countless threads discussing egg token payouts,increase chest contents etc etc,but not a peep out of PG.

I’m fairly new to this game,but so far that’s what I’m seeing.


Not sure your timeline…but it went to diamond after the beta, but the 50 beta teams were not all from diamond.

Not sure which one and what you would consider ASAP. I am pretty sure if you mean tower balance…that is a general problem, not just a “mega whale” issue.

Not sure if you have read the thread on the “sapphire wall”. It was said those dragons were too expensive then, and nobody listened but now that other segments of the game are stuck there, it is an insurmountable wall. Granted, they really need to scale the cost somewhat give the relevance of the dragons I suppose too.

Such as? I have seen a few mechanics that probably will help them. Team quests, glory scaling in Atlas, uncapping certain infrastructure in Atlas, taking away the ability to directly purchase troops. They even redesigned the way seasons are structured to make it more obtainable. Is the overall cost WAY TOO HIGH. Absolutely but I don’t think nothing has been done is correct either.

I agree with that but would increasing those not affect the “mega whales” as well? I completely agree they need to do more but I actually think in a relative sense all players are in the same boat. If you do a general cost/benefit analysis I would say in fact the whales get the least relative to the amount expended. But rather than just give people more and scale cost higher, they need to distribute that cost amongst more players I think vs trying to see how much more each person will spend.

Anyhow, I get the sentiment. I just think its directed at the wrong place.


Perhaps you’re right Panda,I shouldn’t have blamed mega whales. I really enjoy this game,but damn if it doesn’t infuriate me to the limit. PG could easily have alot more spenders,but they seem determined to just kill the game.


Looking at it objectively as well though…when people overspend or cheat ( I would suspect a decent amount of the whales/mega-whales are cheating in some capacity) it just drives it higher unnecessarily.

You have the exact same sentiment that a lot of players who have been playing for years have. A friend of mine said this and honestly it sums up how almost the entire playerbase feels, “Could’ve been great, is shit”. That happens more than you think. And people have been saying they are going to kill the game for over a year and here it is too. Although I do miss a lot of what it used to be.

Overall just have confidence…a lot of people get screwed over equally. As far as the banning going too far, I think it just needs to be displaced. They probably ban too many of the wrong people, although anything higher than 0 is too much, but also unreasonable and they do not ban enough of the people they should be banning.


What really irks me is it’s impossible to get anywhere close to the top without spending alot. In all of the other games I’ve played that had a p2w element,low to non spenders could grind to the top. In this game it just seems impossible,perhaps I’m missing something. Thanks for the friendly discussion.


I think that it just takes a lot of time. This is a long game. I’ve been playing for 8 months or so and I’ve just now gotten over level 100 (this is with an elite account and the occasional pack).

Top performance reinforces success, for example the lowest prize tier in plat 4 is equal to the highest prize tier in gold 1. So, once you’re on top it’s easier to stay on top without spending as much. Playing free or nearly-free also takes a lot more planning. I’ve seen people stockpile gold chests for an entire season in order to get the mythic.

So, yes, you can totally climb the cliff with F2P or E2P, but it’s going to be a much steeper climb.


I can type. And do basic math using python.
Can I have cookies now? :heart_eyes: