Banning has gone too far


A lot of long time XP bases have been lost. But I don’t think this is new and I don’t think PG is targeting them.

A number of xp bases I know were hacked bases using things like the old tower duplicator glitch and deserved to be banned. If you think about it people are less afraid of consequences on their alt, and many see xp bases as a sort of xp Robin Hood. Of corse the argument of why not ban more egregious violators is a thing, but I don’t think PG can’t really pick and chose which violators to ban. Everyone who violates the TOS gets banned.

Now with PGKMA - I suspect the name of the base violates TOS and it flew under the radar until the quests caused it to be noticed. (Be it because it was reported or it floated to the top of a report, or whatever)

I understand the sentiment of KMA, but I knew from the first second I saw him change to that name that it was only a matter of time before that backfired. It is of corse possible it had nothing to do with his name. He had posted in the forums a lot using that name, and it didn’t seem to get him banned then.


They don’t ban for names… they would just change it to something else


They ban for violations of the TOS at their discretion. They haven’t in the past banned for names. But that doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t. This particular name is also defamatory In addition to being vulgar. For all we know they have a long list of messages asking him to change it or they would ban him and he kept refusing and or changing it back.


I hope that it can be resolved by a simple name change

Note: In one of the old games I played (Spiderman 2, PlayStation), if you entered swear words as cheat / name, the word is changed automatically into different harmless word (before getting processed any further). It’d be nice if WD has such feature in name changing :smile:


They do, not sure how he got that name passed the filter tbh… even something as small as that can be a hack, or as stated in the ToS “modifications to the game”


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Lol when people start posting resumes on the forums…


Might be right! Seems possible…

But They won’t let 90% of the teams in lol If this was the case they should at least have everyone in with access before all these Xp farms & Chest bases are just disappearing!


Whatever it is, it will require the account owner to do stuff. He may even be aware. Not sure if anyone has contacted him.

Personally I think they should extend the invader base to the main game as it wouldn’t take much code from what I’ve seen. I believe they didn’t do this only because it was better to work on getting more people in atlas, but seeing how long it’s taken it’s probably time to consider it.


I’m not the one who makes that call, but apply on our website and we’ll see!


Hey folks whose posts I deleted. Please don’t put words in my mouth, even as a joke.


If you guy so desperate for good engineer why not hire famous war dragons hacker Castix. This game will have less cheater.



You’re kind of funny.


If you can’t beat him hire him.


Haha honestly he would probably have to take a pay cut and in some ways the hacking is good for their revenue. It makes people spend thinking they’re playing against legit players. Have you ever seen any of the “damage” from hackers reverted? Nope. You can’t really prove it either way but given the severity and the relative ease with some of them…you can make your own conclusions though.


Just image how much of the improvement of the game it going to be.


They shouldn’t make this game client side period. They need to learn from develope that make dragon project. Once u use mod the game is instan-ban ur account not even 2 minute.


Well that is all based not on the assumption that it has a negative result. So far in their experience, it has not.


There other game called fire emblem heroes that when first coming out all their data is client side the hack is so rampant. Not they fix it where data is client side but server didn’t accept what client sent back unless is volidate against server first. Not whoever try to cheat get ban.


It’s definitely not about Len