Banning has gone too far


Banning players protects players…who play honest and fair…spenders and also ones who don’t spend. Crap and bs does happen and trust me I was on the unfair side of the stick a few years. I’m just now finally getting help when my account was hacked and banned. Hackers only hurt teams, players and yes all of us plus they are stealing! The game is for fun and enjoyment plus a way to escape for some…nothing is ever perfect nor will it ever be…that’s life…if we all want to make the game great we all know how to do it…just like with real life! Report issues, players and also solutions plus ideas to improve the game…@PG reward and do your part…flag accounts and research issues right…rewards need to be amazing which go hand and hand with solutions and ideas! Fix and resolve issues before making new ones…Make a new test format/game which players can sign up for and get invited to where roll outs can be tested and resolved before complete rollout.


Good luck about PG improve the game. Just take a looked at reward leveling. Why not all the player get the feature but only a few. it so BS. Why need testing when we all know if they feature come to all the player we all happy.


Test app would let players help to test and give input to new and future rollouts vs patches and fixes afterwards. But like I said nothing will be perfect and you can’t ever make everyone happy!


The reward for leveling no need for test. It didn’t affect the game play.


He turned over his old hack a long time ago… but a simple Google shows he is selling new hacks… it wasn’t out of the kindness of his heart, but because so many people got his old hack free


This is ultimately attributed to the flawed power meta of War Dragons. Rather than focusing on quantity of dragons for people to use and using events that boost featured dragons, the game just uses an infinite power creep formula. And most games that are built around long term grinding, years of gameplay, usually utilize server pools so that new players have a chance to start on a brand new server instead of being forced to compete with players who have 2+ years invested.

It’s going to be a really funny day when PG releases the tier after Harbinger (dark humor), either late this year or next year. Because PG has an unhealthy reliance on adding +5 levels to towers and making new tiers of dragons +50% power of the previous one.


Time spent playing, activity, and $$$.

If you have to move forward in the pool, you need two of these. If you haven’t spent as long playing the game, of course you’re not going to catch up to people who have been playing for three years, play hours a day, and spend.

You mean like leagues?



Cough cough



No, actual separate servers. You’re retired level 400 diamond player can’t transfer to a new server to boost a team of brand new players. Because most new players are pushed to join new servers, they would have to manually join the older servers.

I play in Shadow of War mobile and they don’t lock server transfers, but most veteran players aren’t going to go to a new server unless there is a team that gets better event prizes they can join.


Separate servers existed originally only for scale. Almost every company who uses this model wants to get rid of it. They have introduced server vs server battles. But ultimately old servers dwindle to such low activity that everyone is unhappy and they do a server merge which makes almost everyone still playing upset.

Meanwhile the people who are happy play a server for 3 months then hop on a new one. That’s terrible.


Yes. That’s what happens when your game is focused on pitting players against each other like gladiators for the developers pay checks. Whether it’s server rolls or infinite pyramid, neither one address the fact of mmorpg games outlasting mobile games and utilize multiple servers and level/gear caps…


Are you really trying to compare a full on pc mmorpg to a mobile game?


No, lol. I’m pointing out that they use multiple servers with sometimes server merges…

EDIT: Really triggered the forum regulars…


Source please?

That’s because nothing compels them to keep investing in their accounts, that’s on the developers for creating pay walls to milk players for money rather than using a gradual climb that disincentivizes starting a new account.

And this isn’t a new phenomenon, people have been doing this with new characters in RPG’s for years. It happens on mobile and it’s now a problem…build it into your game design.


There’s another game I play on my phone that asked me the server I want every time I log in.


Kills the game faster. Been there. Players will keep jumping to new seevers till they are the “1st” on the server. Endless jumps and new server kills the olderst server and so on.


Personal experience over like 20 some odd games. Several of which used the same game engine. Sure some want to keep it, but those are companies who just want to make more money from everyone buying the same thing multiple times. Feel free to disagree or have different opinions. I haven’t seen you offer up any sources either. In any event comparing WoW to any mobile game is completely apples to oranges. If you like that better you can always just play that game. I assume you play WD because you like something about it that your past MMORPG’s didn’t provide.

You are just wrong here. I also think it’s a false and wrong thing to view any mobile game as an investment as digital rights say you don’t own any of it. But all games have combinations of research, buildings, troop levels, troops etc. those are all compelling reasons that don’t follow you to a new server. Being insufficient may be a thing.

Pay walls are mandatory for any freemium. What do you think would happen if they all went away? Paying players get bored with nothing to do, no spending, game can’t be funded. Bad stuff all over. Pay walls are necessary for any game. They could be implemented better. All of pg’s issues are mostly stemming from scaling older content to an appropriate cost.


I really enjoy the tunnel vision of this community…lol. Mention different server configuration and no one comments on or pay attentions to the rest of the comment. Somehow I became the champion for this idea because I mentioned it flippantly.

Subjective, depends on the game. Are there people who chase “1st”, yes. Endless Frontier, totally different game from War Dragons, the pvp is much more casual. But, besides the personal pride you get from being top guild or “1st”, you get nothing different from existing servers/events. And since the game has daily limits for certain mechanics, you can only buy so much progress. 1st place versus an account with months more progress.


I would disagree. This is triggered? Disagreeing? FYI you would
Probably be considered a forum regular by many. This statement is more telling of your perception than anything else. At least that’s my opinion which could be telling of my perception.


lets say, ok. New server.

Players move.

Top tier teams will be left on old server.
I dont think top tiers will be spending as much knowing the server is dying.

And so on…

And ofc they “top players” wont create another era on a new servers knowing they have spent a fortune on their current accounts.