Banning has gone too far


For what…? I didn’t make an industry wide claim that most of the companies are replacing the model that you don’t support, I just stated my opinion on some of the issues with War dragons.

Not even a fan of WoW. Out of the myriad of browser and non-browser MMO’s, you decided to pick the most awkward comparison…lol.

Not really. I tried out War Dragons because it was a game ad for another Android game, I only stuck around past the first couple of months to try it out and then help my team grow. Now I play it in spurts of activity, too many other games out there building experiences I prefer, but haven’t decided to uninstall yet.

…you invest time, energy and other non-monetary efforts. Don’t be so literal.

Again, back to grandstanding. I never said you couldn’t have payment features. But, you’re seriously stating that a game can only survive if you force regular progress behind a cash deposit box? I’ve haven’t stated anything against monthly subscriptions, lovely vip levels or even loot boxes. I just stated that growth should be consistent and not paywall leapfrogging.

The three people who responded to me cherry picked the part where I mentioned a different server setup. If I hadn’t mentioned that part, probably none of you would have responded to me. AKA Triggered.


It’s a bad idea that so many games have used. Thats not to say it couldn’t have some new twist. Maybe you are the one with tunnel vision here?

I specifically chose to play war dragons because it was free of a lot of the transitional problems of freemium games. One of which is the realm issue. I’m sick of starting over every few months. I like the way activity of a server doesn’t kill the game. Plenty of games work how you describe. Why aren’t you playing them instead?


I’m sorry you got your feelings hurt because I mentioned that server setup… I play two other games that use separate servers, one that allows transfers and one that doesn’t.

That being said, I wasn’t really championing for War Dragons to shift to separate servers. I just mentioned it casually as I was responded to someone else to what I considered issues with the game. I would rather War Dragons be structured more like a traditional RPG system with level/tier caps and expand the game through other means.

But, I do think there is the competition issue for new players. Someone who starts playing today can play 3 years and they’re still 2-3 years behind if they don’t spend thousands of dollars. Because the dragon tiers and towers don’t have a permanent cap. In most mobile games you can build a niche character or team with healthy investment of time or a decent amount of cash. And you can be a valuable player to a semi-top team. You won’t have an amazing team of characters to always be useful, but you can help carry the load in your own way. You cannot achieve the same results in War Dragons, you either have top tier dragons/base or you don’t.


It’s an observation, sorry if it seemed like a claim. You seem to disagree, let’s see your evidence of that.

I’m not comparing but it was the most likely the thing you were comparing. You haven’t given me any examples so I’m forced to guess. Do tell where you think this works well. It will help everyone have a productive conversation. I’m curious why you didn’t immediately volunteer this info.

From this description it sounds like this game has nothing to offer you and you want to mold it to something you want rather than find something you already want. Why bother with the forums of a game you really don’t like and only hang around because no reason?

I disagree. I do not invest. Some do. It’s not an investment. I have no ownership and this is a thing many would benefit from understanding. To me it’s like buying a beer… temporary entertainment which may or may not lead to other things.

Without a limit, spenders will buy everything in 24 hours and have nothing to do. Unfortunately yes this is required. It can’t be possible for the top tier to buy end game too quickly and everyone has to pay the same price but not everyone has the same means.

The freemium model is contrary to subscriptions but I’ve long believed a hybrid (like
Elite) is the way to go. But f implemented how you are probably thinking then PG makes less money.

Did you consider all 3 May have ample reason from experience to know it’s not the game they want?


Okay. I invest my time to make money, I also invest my time into relationships, hobbies, etc. I guess the second part is just temporary entertainment.

Cool, never made that point. You win the Internet Arguement.

I’m done wasting time on this “conversation”. If you want build an echo chamber for only ideas you like, you can have that. I don’t remember being Very Active a forum requirement to post on here. I chime in to random threads to be helpful sometimes and other times to prod the discussion.


:thinking: these two guys are kind of … hmm … different :eyes:


An investment is usually meaningful. For example you can’t count rent as investing in a house because you don’t own the house even if you are spending money on it.

You say that as if it is somehow less valid or wrong. It’s perfectly valid and you don’t have a counter for it. Don’t like pay as you go games, don’t play them.

If you say so, did you consider maybe you were doing what you accused me of? Funny you don’t even offer an idea or counter point but instead focus on discrediting me. You want the game to be something it’s not but say you don’t really care about the game. Why? I think you are being dishonest and like the game more than you let on, and I’d love to hear what parts and why. Nothing you say makes sense to me.

I see you post on the forums regularly. That’s how I define regular. I see you chime into many threads. Sometimes I agree with you. I’m sure I’ve thrown a few likes your way…


You’re really fun at parties…

^^ Don’t be such an angsty keyboard warrior and you might not miss where I said nothing against payments in freemium games, I just prefer different formats over paywalls.

You basically implied that I have no legitimate reason to post on the forums as a defensive argument, which gives me the impression you want an echo chamber. Because, the sole purpose of your responses has been to prove why an idea I mentioned flippantly, is a horrible idea and you’re posts offer exceeding evidence to why this nightmarish idea must be proven wrong.

You need to work on your conversation skills, most people ask questions, rather than accusing people of being dishonest up-front, lol. I only continue to play the game because I’m loath to give up on the time I’ve invested in it and I go thru spurts where I assist my team with initiatives and events.

Why thank you for the compliment.




Investing in your account and actually considering something an investment?

You made quite the leap there lol



But sometimes you find those rare breeds that can basically argue over anything :grimacing:


There are games where having multiple servers are okay.

but on war dragons? It takes years to catch up on the current end game and you want to have a new server? By the time a free user or a low spender reaches harbinger, there might already be 6~8 new tiers that has been added + whole other stuff that you need to grind or pay to progress faster.

If it only requires you something like 6 months to complete most of it and are only doing min-max (mostly mmo or rpg games that has rng stat items) then yes this is applicable.

If ever that PG introduce a new server, it will take quite a lot of time before a team of low spenders to free players are able to catch up to diamond league because there will be high spenders to actual whales that will reach it after a few months of spending.


I have seen this in other games…its awful overall in the long run. They just end up remerging them after half the game quits lol


I was playing a game like that until recently… after the server merge, I think most of my ex teammates quit as well



Interesting digression from the OP.

Has banning gone too far? Or maybe not far enough? Or perhaps banning is not really the solution.

How many people successfully rob a bank each year? A luxury goods store? A house?

How many successfully shoplift a convenience store?

Granted, the payoff in each situation is different… But, since you don’t own it and you cannot sell it or transfer it, your account and all the virtual flying lizards associated with it are literally worthless.

Like, the piece of gum I have in my backpack is worth my than your level 527 account. The gum is mine, and I can do what I want with it. Sell it, use it, give it away or keep it for later.

In as much as cheaters encourage other players to spend more money or drive up what “reasonable” prices are, there is a certain economic incentive for PG to allow cheating to a degree (they will deny this because they have to), and then the public banning is much like public execution. It’s satisfies the bloodlust of the mob and creates a sense of protection. If this sense is accurate or not, I cannot say for sure.

There are many ways to cheat, some easy some difficult. Some obvious, some subtle.

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I do not believe more players need to be banned (by this, I mean greater numbers in a given time, not that there are not many cheaters among us).

I believe that PG should take measures to prevent cheating in the first place. Few people rob banks, at least partly, because it is very difficult to do so successfully.

Armed guards are a great deterrent to crime, not because that can or will shoot anyone, but because they might. (Yes these are different means of prevention). But if fewer people successfully cheat, all the legitimate players win.

There is more than one way to secure the game to prevent cheating. Each has different drawbacks. I know I’m being vague. It’s not that I don’t know how or what to do. It’s that I don’t want to give people ideas.

I cannot possible support any number, but I believe cheating in one degree or another, is vastly more commonplace than most players would like to admit.

And for most if these cases, I don’t think the ban hammer is the answer. PG needs to change things so that the “admission fee” to enter the cheaters’ club is much higher. (In this metaphor, the fee is technical knowledge.)

That is just my two bytes.


The problem is the next question: “How much will it cost them?”


The funny part about my post, that got everyone giddy…I was writing from the state of mind of brand new players compete against invested players. I still feel that newer players would have somewhat of a fairer competitive experience with new server launches, versus Gold 2 teams having level 400 players. Are there other strategies to counter that with? Sure. This is just the one I have been thinking about recently. My argument was not really targeted at veteran players and I’m still on the fence about server merges.


The proposed N-1 one made a lot of sense, scaling prizes would work to, or inflation (blah). But the server thing…I just have not seen it work effectively was all. They also need to get their shit together when it comes to the hacking/cheating issue. It is so rampant is is insane.

In any case…I do think this has gone far beyond the scope of this thread…


You should apply here. We’re still running an ERP package that has changed very little from the 80’s.

Ever hear of “MAPICS”?

How about “RPG”?


Could we get a “cookie pack” in the store. I’d drop some dough (pun intended) on that.


I mean, it.