Banning has gone too far


Hobbit KOM used to have different servers. Stopped playing that since graphics were lame


Instead of responding to the off-topic trolling, lets bring it back to xp bases and banning.

I think they don’t go far enough. It’s an easy target, but PG is still responsible for defending the weaknesses of their architecture.

(Client side code is very hard to reduce hacking on, and it is also much cheaper for this kind of game. Unfortunately that means PG necessarily has to manually correct the issue periodically and friendly fire is unavoidable)

Does it matter to you that they cheated or otherwise violated the TOS? To me the greater issue remains that without Atlas XP is tricky to get reliably even with a buddy in some cases (which is needed for multipliers)

Personally I’m far more concerned about rampant cheating than I am about lack of XP. We are all more or less in the same XP boat, but cheating is anti-competitive. It is unfortunate that it comes to xp bases being shut down periodically, but to me that is the lesser of two evils. And benefitting from a cheater, is still gray even if you didn’t know they were a cheater.

Who knows why this account was banned. We would have to ask the owner. It may have been the name. Nobody seems to care enough to get to the bottom of it. We just want to rage about how much it sucks without the base.

This base was an obvious cheater, level showed 758. It could have been a glitch, but now it’s banned and I think it’s safe to say PG also found them to be a cheater.

I had never seen this one before but as a level 384 that is now banned I’d say there is a good chance this player also cheated.

I still think what needs to happen is the Invader needs to be made available to all. (Barring some unrealistic coding challenge)

Of corse there is zero stopping anyone from sending money at making a duplicate of the invader base for any level.

And there are plenty of bases with nothing but resource plots and perches which are heavily used and still not banned.

I think what happened here is that the new event quests caused some of these bases to get higher attention which caused hacked bases to get noticed…

I wonder if anyone believes invader base’s shouldn’t be available for everyone? This seems like an easy win to put the concern of this thread at rest.


It was only recently that there was a max level. You could have built 50 of every tower if you wanted because nothing in storage counted towards the tower cap. So don’t judge just because they were a high level.


Taking that into consideration, it is still an obvious cheater. Do you know how many level 700’s exist in the game? I’ll give you a hint, the only ones I’m aware of are cheaters. The largest legit player I’m aware of is in the 600’s.

Any suspicious account that PG bans to me falls into the: “if it talks like a duck and walks like a duck, It’s probably a duck,” category.


ooo Duck!!! yummy


Now see, leveling up is easy, it’s leveling the towers that is hard. With the old setup, you could do nothing but make archer towers all day to crunch through wood if you wanted to.


what are you talking about? there is an easy way to level? i could really use about 30 levels easy.


Upgrading any tower increases your xp, so there are plenty of things you can do to level up, but that doesn’t mean you should, because then you’re just weakening your base since your towers won’t match your level.


ya but you get next to nothing for building low level towers… otherwise i would build LOTS!!! i dont care about my base as much as my level ATM

But if you do an EXP vs Build time comparison, you dont really get much more exp building low level towers. So to go back to Eidolon’s point, you would need need 100’s of thousands of dollars to reach level 700+.


I assume you refer to building out rather than up, in which nothing has changed.

What you may not be grasping is the scale of XP involved in level 700. Even if you built as many towers at level 30 and stored them you wouldn’t even begin to see level 700 without massive spending.

Edit: if it were possible there would be more than 0 legit level 700s. That’s just not the case. Trust me, this was a cheater. Some doubt may exist before it was banned, but now doubt is removed.


I think it’d be doable, yes, it’d probably take a few years, but it would still be doable. Cannons would probably be better than archers since you could level them twice in 2 minutes. Level 1 for 5 wood and 1 xp, level 2 for 9 wood and 13 xp so it’s 1 for 1. Anything after level 4 starts to net a negative wood to xp ratio, and so you get less xp while spending more wood. Plus it’d take more time and you couldn’t insta finish 1 min building times. The best bet would be to have something else interact with the screen and let it run for a while. Tap here, wait 5 ticks, tap here, wait 5 ticks, etc.


Bottom line is that they don’t know how. PG has some crazy good computer graphic artists on this game, but their back end developers cant code their way out of a brown paper bag. As a professional computer engineer myself, I have zero respect for the code vomit that is this game. And I haven’t seen the source code. I’d probably go blind if I did.


leveling up to 700 using only level 30 towers is one of the worst decision that you can do unless you are some rich guy that wont run out of money even if you spend thousands everyday.


The max possible level right now, having a full base and every possible extra tower in storage to 60 is 623 or 624.

I posted this elsewhere, but cannot find it at the moment.


Again, only because they RECENTLY added the storage to the total tower cap.


Has anyone achieved that in practice? (legitimately that is)


Theres a total tower cap? Or is it just the sum of the cap for each type of tower?


As for Invader being available for everyone, I don’t think there is a technical limitation. I do think PG wants to eventually have atlas available for everyone, so. I do not think it likely this will happen.

But I am more than happy to be pleasantly surprised.


The XP earned has always counted… This is part of what makes new towers so bad for older players.


The highest level player I know of is 605.