Ban's wave effectiveness


Right after the last ban wave a lot of hackers were cleaned up and I must say I was very pleased to see a ton of 500’s in sapphire getting banned. Many of these teams that were getting carried by cheaters either fell down to plat or got completely disbanded. However in recent times I’ve notice some of them moving back up, taking a closer look I notice they literally have the same cheaters with the exact same names.

I did some digging with a few friends that also got banned during the last wave and apparently the exact same cheat went back on the market 2 weeks after the wave and no one has been banned for it yet.

Now keep in mind these people are using the same cheat, with the same name and in the same team they got banned from. They are around lvl 200-300, how are they getting by so easily?


I would suggest your title should be Ban wave ineffectiveness as already established a long time ago by this forum community.

Ok carry on.


Very Interesting. In my deepest and sincerely honest opinion it sounds like something subterfuge-ish is going on . I really honestly believe that this is possibly actuall members of the community who make this game and play it off the clock and are using cheats or cheat codes and know how to keep work and home separate. It is just so tempting to do and plausible imo.
Edit: It’s like hiring an investigation of investigators to investigate themselves when the buck stops there withen the organization at its highest peek.


I didn’t want to edit my previous post too often so here goes:
Continued: Speculation and hypothetically speaking, how else would a coder test their own game unless they play their own game , “off the clock “.
With that being said they may only have so many hours in a day to do so and they make themselves lvl 500 in one day. Absolute power corrupts and they get carried away. I applaud this because the game needs to be tested somehow by its own makers and if this is the way it has to be done, then so be it. Can we honestly say that we might also get the itch to take advantage of this if we were in the same shoes? And not act upon it to cheat. Humans are humans.


They buying alts with lots of medals and low lvls for 20$(for example) and hacking them
So it won’t look fishy
Amount of hacked accounts those days is ridiculous
But I’d suggest you don’t waste your time,talking about this here
Been there,did that
Won’t help much
Just report them,using ticket and hope,that it won’t affect your team much (


If you have concerns about players, please do not hesitate to report them to our support team or to me in a PM.


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