Barracks and troops

I recently got atlas but it won’t let me post on the atlas forums. I keep training troops but they automatically transfer to my primarch, but I don’t want 5,000 troops on my prime. How do I transfer them to the barracks? When I try to transfer them from my prime to the barracks it says I can’t. How do you do it?

can no longer transfer from prime back to barracks; only between primarks.

to have troops go to barracks have your prime on another castle rather than one marked as home

Log in through the game and you can access forum.

Sign into the forums from the game. Then you’ll have access.

Which Prim is your active at the moment you finish the troops?

I do not know if I am correct, but this is what I experienced. When Rusher is active during finishing the troops, they automatically transferred to it. I had not experienced it to my other Prims. Only with Rusher.

Your active primarch can be seen in the top left corner of your UI

Ok thank you!

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