Barricades are still dropping from chests

Which is unfortunate if they aren’t getting replaced like siege weapons are. Why would they still be dropping from chests when the event is over?

The “current event” chests will always drop until the Island/Armory disapear. It is unfortunate that this is the last time that you can get barricades but this is nothing new.

Maybe contact support and ask for a roll back (i am unsure if this is possible).


I think that the replacement (for siege weapon only) will be given when the pvp castle has sunk, or at the start of next event…
@PGCrisis , will you confirm this?

So if I don’t want wasted items from all my unopened chests I should wait until the next event to open them?



There will be no replacements for barricades

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That would be best.
Just to advise you the next event should/is (i am not caught up yet) be breeding. This means it will not drop PVP items, ie Inner Fire or Energy packs

Ok. Makes sense. What I don’t get is if they can change what items can drop from chests why they wouldn’t remove barricades as an option after the event. Newer people like myself are loading up on now useless items.

Thanks all for the quick response!

no replacement for barracades but sieges yes

I know. I mean if the barricades are still dropped, aren’t siege weapons too?

AFAIK, they changed it between events

Yep! Siege weapons will be comped, just not barriers

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No Problems Ziljn, I think the problem occurs where they can change chest drops but not on the fly (in the middle of an event) and this phase is still part of the event the so called finish or clean up phase.
They kept the barricades and Siege weapons in the event to even the playing field as some players would have these from previous events.
It is unfortunate that you and some others are affected by this but i am not sure there is much you can do,

Did you get anything decent from the rest of the chests you opened
Actually what did you open to get the barricades gold or bronze?

The barricades were from Bronze. I also got siege weapons from Gold, but at least they are getting replaced. Any idea when that happens?

I was saving these chests until after the event with the idea that there would be a greater chance to get sigils without event items dropping, especially obsolete event items.

it has always been this way

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The conversion will be completed before the next PVP event but as far as i know there has been no confirmation of an exact date.

@SavageAFforPG has some great calculators with odds chance for when to open to maximise Sigils. The one thing i can say is that at least the barricades came from a bronze chest and as bad as it seams you shouldn’t have missed out to much.

I know Breeding has a lot of filler items in the loot table but i believe i remember that it has the best Egg token drop of all events and also a good Sigil chance.

Best bet to remember is always open 10 chests at a time for a guaranteed legendary.
Best of luck

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I am not clear on this statement. Think its mis-quote.
Until the event page disappears, drops are always for current event even after its completed.

Er… That’s what I meant (sorry if it’s confusing :sweat_smile:, my poor english).

The new set of chests will be available when the next event starts

Lol :joy:
Just claim next event if you dislike barricades


Or before claim you can check in top left border, pict (Energy, barricades, speed, elemental, and etc)